Review: Never Deny Your Heart by Maureen Driscoll (Kellington #5)

Sometimes you read a book and you just fall in love with the characters and the secondary characters. Then you realize it’s a series and you devour them all as fast as you can, but then you realize the author has not finished the series and you’re left waiting for the last book. So…you…wait…and wait… The wait is finally over! Below is my review for Maureen Driscoll’s Never Deny Your Heart (Kellington #5).


Rosalind Carson is a woman who has stood in the background blending for far too long. She is a smart woman who has a big heart and wants good things for her friends. Sadly, her family sees her as a means to an end. Her brother, a viscount doesn’t see Rosalind for the lovely, charming woman she is, but for the money she will bring into the retainers when she marries a nobleman five decades her senior.

William (Liam) Kellingtion, Duke of Lynwood is a man that walks into a room and all eyes are in him. Part of his charm is that he loves his family fiercely and will do anything to protect them.

Liam and Rosalind’s connection begins at the beginning of Kellington series. Between shy glances and secret conversations, their love blooms slowly. In each book we see just a little more of thier love unfold, as Rosalind is a close family friend to Liam’s sister Lizzie. Rosalind has loved Liam since she was a girl of 12. Liam doesn’t really acknowledge or discover his feelings until Rosalind is about to be married off to a man 50 years her senior. However, Rosalind has a different plan for her future that may or may not include Liam. Will Liam wake up and fight for what he wants or will he just let the one thing his heart truly desires go? 

I was so excited when this book came out I ignored my husband to read it!  This is a series you will want to start from the beginning to understand the connection between all the characters. Liam and Rosalind story is not smooth sailing and there are a few twist that you won’t see coming, which adds to the steamy factor. I have a special place for books that involve families with a strong connection and this series has it. We see all the Kellingtons together in this book helping Liam see that being is love is worth the risks. Rosalind breaks out and decides what is best for her and her life. It was a great story and series. I know, I will read it again.

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-Romance Reader Girl


Review: The Governess and the Beast by Karyn Gerrard

If you are looking for a very steamy fast paced romance Karyn Gerrard’s The Governess and the Beast is the short story to read.


Baron Simon Wolstenholme is a beautiful man that was scarred from his time in the war. He has retired to his home where he never leaves. His scars are not just physical but emotional. He is lonely and craves companionship on all levels. He hires a man to look into the history and life of Hortense Jennings. A woman he feels can fulfill the role of companion. When Hortense arrives she assumes she is answering an advertisement for a Governess position  Simon admits to having her investigated and knows of her life in a brothel. When Hortense feels cornered she offers Simon a proposition he will not be able to refuse. Will these two accept a night of firsts and pleasures?

This book was fast paced and very steamy. Both H/h are scarred on the inside and out. I enjoyed how they both found comfort in one another to discuss some of their scars. You can feel the connection between these two people. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Gerrard, but it won’t be my last.

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Review: The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn

I had the wonderful pleasure of reading The Seduction of Lady Phoebe pre-release. Ella Quinn is a new author that writes with beautiful detail. Below is my review for The Seduction of Lady Phoebe.


Lady Phoebe Stanhope is a spirited young lady that uses her quick wit and not so lady like behaviors (sword play, shooting a pistol riding astride) to protect herself. She is from a big family that encourages her independence by not forcing her to make a match unless her heart is in it. Phoebe keeps the walls to her heart guarded due to a lack of judgement she made when she was younger; where a young man accosted her making her take physical action against him. She still questions her judgement and will not take a risk where a man is concerned unless her heart tells her he’s the one.

Lord Marcus Finley wishes he could go back to the moment eight years ago where he frighten a young Lady Phoebe. He has spent the past eight years away from England in the West Indies, growing into a respectable man that Phoebe would want one day. He is strong, handsome, forward thinking and wants to do right by his family, especially Lady Phoebe. He has loved Lady Phoebe all these years and intends to win her respect if she’ll let him.

Lady Phoebe is of age where she must marry. She is soon to be on the shelf, but she refuses to marry unless her heart tells her the man in question is the one. Shockingly, when she realizes that man is no other than the man that frighten her eight years ago; she has a hard time accepting it. Lord Marcus will do anything to show Phoebe he has change and has loved her all these years. Can Phoebe trust Marcus to believe he really does love her and this is not a game? Will she trust her heart? Will Marcus be able to protect Phoebe from harm as a Lord from his past tries to punish her for something Marcus did years ago?

Ella Quinn’s write description beautifully. While reading I could see everything so vividly in my mind. She writes Regency so well. You feel you are in the ball room or in the drawing room with the family. Speaking of family, readers, you know how I am fan of fun family dynamics. This story has a lot of family dynamic between Phoebe’s family and Marcus’. The banter and closeness is there and you feel you are part of the big family. I enjoyed reading about Phoebe and Marcus.

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe will be out September 19, 2013. You can order The Seduction of Lady Phoebe on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Thank you Ella, for allowing me to read and review The Seduction of Lady Phoebe pre-released.

-Romance Reader Girl

Review: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace (Beau Monde # 4)

It’s amazing what a book or a series of books can do for ones own constitution. Last week, I needed to escape from what was happening in my reality. I read the Beau Monde series by Samantha Grace. It made me giggle when I so desperately needed it. My review is for the latest book in the series Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more books by Samantha Grace.


Lady Vivian Worth is a vibrant adventurous young woman who has been left out in the country to stay out of trouble. Vivian seeks adventure, friendship and love.  Due to a misunderstanding she is ignored by her peers in the country. She feels ashamed and does not want to bring a dark shadow to her family; especially her brother. 

Luke Forest, Duke of Foxhaven is a man with big shoes to fill. He isn’t ready to face the reality and assume the responsibilities that are his birthright. He rather seek adventure away from England. Running and seeking adventure may help keep a secret from an accident that makes certain tasks hard to accomplish. Tasks that make taking full control of his birthright difficult.

Luke does not want to marry, especially a woman that his father has arranged to marry. However, he must meet his intended to discuss and break the contract. He goes to visit Vivian while she is at her cousins house and discovers that this vibrant young women may be all the adventure he needs. Both Luke and Vivian struggle with secrets and wanting to be enough for each other. Can these two trust their own instincts and hearts to have a life full of love and adventure?

I really enjoyed this book. Luke is the guy we want our daughters (my future daughter anyway) to marry. He encourages Vivian’s bright inner star to shine and not be ashamed of it. Vivian gives Luke the courage to be the man he is always meant to be. It is a love match for the books. This happily ever after will have you laughing and as you turn the pages. Of course, every good story has a villain and Samantha Grace doesn’t stop short there either! Did I mention this was book four in a series? You’ll want to go back and read the first three as well. Luke’s brother, Lord Andrew is just one of the characters you’ll fall for.

You can find Lady Vivian Defies a Duke and other books by Samantha Grace on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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-Romance Reader Girl

Review: Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove 3.5) by Tessa Dare

Beauty and the Blacksmith is the latest story in the Spindle Cove Series, by Tess Dare. Many of the Spindle Cove followers, myself included asked, “Where is Diana Highwood’s story?” When I saw it come out as a novella I was a little disappointed; thinking Ms. Dare, Diana only get’s a novella? How can that be? Well, readers, Tessa Dare delivers with her usual charm that keeps us coming back for more.


Diana Highwood is the meek beauty of three sisters that reside in Spindle Cove. She is in Spindle Cove due to her fragile state (asthma). However, she has outgrown this illness, but no one knows. Diana’s mother, Mrs. Highwood expects her to marry well within the nobility, because of that beauty and meek personality.

Aaron Dawes is the handsome brawny blacksmith of Spindle Cove. If there is something broken, Mr. Dawes can repair it. He is not only busy repairing the broken items of Spindle Cove, but he is also the go-to-man when someone is in trouble. In his spare time he makes enchanting pieces of jewelry to sell.

For two years, both Aaron and Diana have been infatuated with one another from a far. They both watch one another and find ways to be in each other’s presence without it being obvious. Diana finds ways (even if that means breaking a clasps or two) to be in Aaron’s shop. One day Aaron questions why she is there so often and the truth is comes out…(from both). From that moment on we watch the story unfold, breathlessly turning each page to see if the beautiful Diana and brawny blacksmith Aaron will find their happily ever after.  Not only is this a story about finding happiness, there is a mystery that needs to be solved too!

This novella packs a powerful punch. The flow is steady and I don’t feel anything was rushed or missing when I finished. I really enjoyed watching Diana come out of her shell and find herself. She is surprisingly funny and has awesome one-liners. Aaron is a genuine man that wants to do right by all women. He is friendly, helpful and is all around wonderful man.  Of course, he is good with his hands, and that cannot be a bad thing! Also, we have all the wonderful Spindle Cove family in this novella.

When I read any story; I find myself always loving the secondary characters as much as the H/h. This story was no different. Charlotte (Diana’s youngest sister) was a scene stealer with her spunky personality. Oh…and a new character is introduced, Mr. Evermore and he is a bit unique and that’s all I will say. 🙂

You will not be disappointed when reading this novella. All of the great Tessa Dare charm is there. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and saying “This cannot be happening.”

I am really looking forward to the next book in the series Any Duchess Will Do, coming out May 28th.

You can find Beauty and the Blacksmith and other books by Tessa Dare on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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Happy Reading,

-Romance Reader Girl

Review: A Taste for Scandal (Sealed With a Kiss Series #2), by Erin Knightley

It is always a great day to read a historical romance book, but it’s even an better day when you find a new author and you realize they are going to be one of your favorites. Erin Knightley is one of my new favorites. See why in my review of A Taste for Scandal.


Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh has it all; good looks, charm, intelligence charismatic family and heir to a marquisate. He is in all standards the man to marry and all the matching making mama’s know it. However, Richard isn’t ready to settle down. He’s young, charming and just wants to live carefree for a few more years, before the daunting responsibility of marquisate is thrusted upon him. 

 Jane Bunting is a baking goddess. She owns her bakery and take cares of her younger brother. Jane is too busy being practical to enjoy any passions outside of baking a delicious scone or pie, which leaves her feeling lonely.  She doesn’t dream of what can be, because that takes away from the business she is trying to keep going for her deceased parents. She doesn’t have time for silly dreams of what could never be. 

Richard believes a woman is in distressed while passing a bakery and rushes in to be of service. He then takes action, beating the man the he feels is causing the distress. In the process of being the dashing hero he is knocked down by a woman. While the disturbance takes place the bakery is left in shambles. This begins the back and forth apology and let me make it up to you dance between Richard and Jane. After being pester by the ever so charming Richard, Jane reluctantly agrees to give Richard and his younger quick-witted sister Bea baking lessons. Richard may be an Earl, but Jane does not go easy on him. They banter back and forth and soon sparks begin to fly. The question is can an earl and a baker have a real future in society? 

 I enjoyed this book. The characters are charismatic and the story was charming. I love the connection between Richard and Jane. They really do show that there is no boundaries when love is involved even if that means sacrificing ones own heart. There are no shortage of spirited secondary characters in this book or series. The Moore family is precious and hilarious. The connection between the siblings and parents makes you want to jump in and be apart of that family, and luckily you feel like you are when reading this story. As much as I laughed in this book, there were a few moments your heart drops and you’re nearly brought to tears. That is my disclaimer to have a tissue near by. 🙂 

Erin Knightley’s writing is enchanting. I found myself gigging while reading her books. I look forward to the next book in this series Flirting With Fortune out later this year, and if you haven’t read book one in this series More Than a Stranger I suggest you do. It is about Richard’s sister Evie and best friend Benedict.

Taste of a Scandal and other books by Erin Knightley are aviable on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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-Romance Reader Girl

Happy Friday & Weekend

Happy Friday Readers,

Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am! Normally I would not mention my personal life, because hey, this blog is about reading romance books; HOWEVER this reader girl will be busy celebrating her husband’s college graduation. Yippee!! It has been a long road and I so very proud of him.


Don’t fret dear readers; I will be back next week with book reviews!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Reading!

-Romance Reader Girl

Audio Book

“I don’t have time to read a book.” I hear that phrase more often than I would like. However, people, I have an answer for you, “audio book”. Get the book you have been dying to read on audio. Listen to your book while you drive or work out at the gym. There are a lot of books that are on audio that can be downloaded on your smart phone.

I listen to audio books. I know…shocker!? Though, I only listen to audio books of books that I have read. Yes, I know, what you all might be thinking, “you listen to a book, you’ve already read, and that makes sense…why?” OK…hear me out readers– I love reading books and sometimes I become so involved in it I’m not aware of what is going on around me. That’s what authors want anyway, right? I tried listening to a Julie Garwood book that I did not read and I became so entranced into the story I nearly put myself into a ditch. From that moment on I decided that I will only listen to books that I have read so I don’t have to focus nearly as much, since I know what’s coming.

Do you listen to audio books? What are some of your favorite audio books?


Your Go To Book

Hi Readers,

Do you have a go to book(s) that you read over and over again, because you love it so much? What is it? Why do you keep reading it?

One of my go to books is ‘The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie’ by Jennifer Ashley.
First, let me tell you this is one of my favorite series of all time. I absolutely adore the Mackenzie Series. It is amazing.

Ian Mackenzie’s story hits me with a punch of emotion every time I read it. I am memorized by it and cannot put it down. It reaches out and touches me in a way that I never expected. It also makes you (the reader) think outside your box or what your life would be like in a particular situation. This book touches my heart and for that reason it’s one of my go to books. Also, it’s amazing on audio!


I would love to hear about your go to books!

-Romance Reader Girl

Review: Nicholas (Lonely Lords #2) by Grace Burrowes

If Grace Burrowes doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you must make a note to remember that name and then go buy her books. I made my acquaintance with the talented Grace Burrowes when I read The Heir part of the Windham series. Which after that book I devoured all the books she had available. I love each and everyone of them. I have found that all of Grace’s books have emotions that run deep; whether it be laughter or sorrow she writes emotion very well. I know when I pick up a Grace Burrowes’ book I am going to love it.

Below is my review for Nicholas by Grace Burrowes

Nicholas Haddonfield, Viscount Reston is a blond handsome giant on the hunt for a bride, due to the wish of his dying father. Nicholas is not a saint and has a colorful past, that he does not talk about. He knows he must marry, but he does not wish to have true union but a white marriage.

Lady Leah Lindsey is on the shelf with a scandalous past. Her father cannot stand to be in the same room with her and wants nothing more to marry her off the first chance he gets. She feels she is a burden to her brothers and all she wants is to be loved and love another with no shame or heartache.

In a dark corner hiding for different reasons Nicholas and Leah meet and share a kiss. That secret kiss stirs something within Nicolas that he needs to be this Lady’s champion. However, secrets, shame and pride will make it hard for both to come together in a perfect union. But if there is love, there is a way…

I really enjoyed this book. Nicholas is a sweetheart and he loves to love people. He is a big man with an even bigger heart and that heart is full of emotion. Leah is a practical woman that tells it how it is, which is refreshing. I always enjoy books that involves a big family dynamic and this book delivers that fun dynamic. It takes you into the pages and you enjoy being in those moments.

Oh and Lord Valentine Windham (Virtuoso) is in this book as a close friend to Nicholas. And any book that has Lord Val in it is makes this ready very happy! 🙂

I look forward to the next book in this series, Ethan (half brother to Nicholas).

You can purchase Nicholas and other books by Grace Burrowes on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Happy Reading!
-Romance Reader Girl