How do you find your next book?

Hi Reader Friends,

How do you go about finding your next book? Do you just randomly pick a book or like me do you have a long list of To Be Read (TBR)? If you have that long list of TBR how do you add to it? Do you use reviews and ratings?

I use Good Reads and blogs to find my next book. Good Reads is helpful to organize your list of books, as well as, rate and review the books you read. To be honest, usually the best book is a recommendation by a friend. I have found many of my favorite books are recommendations from a friend.

How do you find your next book?

-Romance Reader Girl


8 thoughts on “How do you find your next book?

  1. Honestly, I just look at the “People who bought this book also bought” section on Amazon, lol. Then I read the product description and maybe 2 or 3 reviews, if by then I’m still not sure whether I’ll read it or not then I read the sample pages. 🙂

  2. I look on Amazon at a book by and author I like. They list a whole slew of books that are similar and read their blurbs. Plus I look on blogs. I also look at new releases and go by headings of Historical Romance or what ever else I look for

  3. I have my auto-buy authors and I keep track of their new books on Goodreads or Fantastic Fiction. Most other books I buy come from recommendations and reviews from friends on Goodreads. Sometimes reviews on the blogs I follow may encourage me to buy a particular book.

  4. I usually find an author that I like and I don’t stop until I either read everything nby him or something catches my attention.

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