E-Reader vs. Paper Book

Happy Saturday Readers,

I hope you will get to spend some time this weekend reading a few chapters from your current book. I know I plan on getting some chapters read (look for my review next week!).

I ask today, do you use an e-reader or do you read from a paper book?

I primarily use my Kindle (the paperwhite) aka Friendle. Yes, I have named my Kindle. Believe it or not it was my husband’s idea. 🙂  For me, I love the portability of my e-reader and all the options it allows. Confession- I have terrible eyesight. My Kindle allows me to change the font size which makes reading easier for me. Might I add living on the west coast if you pre-order a book on Amazon sometimes it will be downloaded to your Kindle at 9pm the evening before the release. Bonus!

I will not discriminate, there are other e-readers out there too! My husband uses his iPad and my sister uses the Nook. Do you use one? Which one?

As much as I heart Friendle, there are moments when I enjoy the feel of holding a book while I read. Part of it is that sense of accomplishment seeing how many pages you’ve read. It’s also a good gage to indicate how much you have left in the book.  In my experience people won’t interrupt you as much when you are physically holding a book vs an e-reader. For some of us that is a good thing!

There are benefits to using an e-reader or a paper book, which do you prefer?

Happy Reading Friends!

-Romance Reader Girl


7 thoughts on “E-Reader vs. Paper Book

  1. Lindsey, I used to think that I would never be seduced away from real books but, from a space point of view and a cost one too, I decided that I needed to get an e-reader. I now have an iPad and a Kindle HD Fire! Writing reviews, I do find the ability to highlight passages and make notes on the e-reader really useful. But, sometimes, I do like the feel of an actual book.

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