Audio Book

“I don’t have time to read a book.” I hear that phrase more often than I would like. However, people, I have an answer for you, “audio book”. Get the book you have been dying to read on audio. Listen to your book while you drive or work out at the gym. There are a lot of books that are on audio that can be downloaded on your smart phone.

I listen to audio books. I know…shocker!? Though, I only listen to audio books of books that I have read. Yes, I know, what you all might be thinking, “you listen to a book, you’ve already read, and that makes sense…why?” OK…hear me out readers– I love reading books and sometimes I become so involved in it I’m not aware of what is going on around me. That’s what authors want anyway, right? I tried listening to a Julie Garwood book that I did not read and I became so entranced into the story I nearly put myself into a ditch. From that moment on I decided that I will only listen to books that I have read so I don’t have to focus nearly as much, since I know what’s coming.

Do you listen to audio books? What are some of your favorite audio books?



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