Review: The Rake and The Recluse by Jenn LaBlanc

Lets face it Readers some us (yours truly) would not mind going back in time to a world we read about. I often tell friends in my next life I am coming back as a Duchess during the 19th century or as one of my pugs (that’s a whole other story). However, imagine going back to that time still having knowledge of this world. What would you do? How would you cope without your iDevice? Jenn LaBlanc writes about a woman falling into the 19th century and finds love. Below is my review for The Rake and Recluse. Oh! Did I forget to mention that this book comes with pictures to help tell the story? It does…!


Francine Larrabee is a modern day businesswoman in Denver. She misses her parents terribly as she was orphaned at a young age when her parents were killed. Francine belongs to no one, it’s just her in this big world. She clings to her farther’s research that there is a strong possibility that people sometimes end up in the wrong time and place in life and should find there way back or forward to that time. As most young woman she wants to find love, be in love, and belong to someone, but there never has been anyone good enough to fill that role. 

Gideon Trumbull, Duke of Roxleigh is one of the most powerful men in all of England. He is young handsome and known as the recluse duke. He does not venture out to London, but stays at his northern England estate. He is a man that towers over people and expects results. He has been working hard to repair the dukedom after his father let it fall by the wayside after his mother sadly was sent away and later passed away. Gideon wears every problem and they weigh heavily on him. He is coming to an age where he must find a bride and that task is daunting….

Francine is in a cab on her way to an important meeting when she is in a fate-changing car accident, that lands herself into the body of Madeline Larabee an ancestor of hers. When she awakes she finds herself is the lavish home of the Duke of Roxleigh. When she see’s Gideon she unleashes an assault of words on him that everyone in the room cannot believe or understand what is happening. The dr. brought to observe Francine insists she be taken to Bedlam, but Gideon refuses stating his household will take care of her. For whatever the reason Gideon has a strong pull towards this woman and will not let her out of his home. Francine slowly heals and begins to find herself in a conundrum. She is feeling the pull towards Gideon and the more and more she spends with him; the more and more she is beginning to care for him, however, she still has this pull towards the world she has left. Gideon is determined to have her, but knows there is more to this woman than she is letting on. They both have secrets, but will those secrets keep them apart or bring them together? The chase is on as Gideon isn’t the only man in the Kingdom that wants Francine. She has been sold to a horrible Earl that wants his bride. Can Gideon keep her safe and win her heart? Can Francine leave her modern world behind to live in a different world and time for love?

The book is called The Rake and The Recluse. Obviously the Recluse is Gideon, but the Rake is his younger brother Peregrine (Perry) Trumbull, Viscount Roxleigh. Perry is a the charmer of the group. He his handsome and wicked in all the best ways. He is instrumental in helping Gideon express his feelings towards Francine. Readers, Perry steals many scenes in this story and even finds his own true love, in the must unlikely of places and women. He truly is a sweetheart and he stole my heart in this story.

This is the first time travel book I have read and I really enjoyed it. It was interesting to see how Francine would handle living in 19th century England. Especially, still having the knowledge of today’s world. The dialog is awesome; when she is talking about birth control and uses slang terms, Gideon has no idea what is coming out of her mouth. Those scenes are priceless! I really enjoyed the cast of characters in this story. They are all strong and unique. Even the supporting case of characters are unique and fun and really enhance the story. The love story of Gideon and Francine is beautiful. When they both realize that they are meant for one another they both will fight to the end to be together. Their’s isn’t the only love story you’ll find in this story. There are a couple of love stories happening durning Gideon and Francine’s. This story has it all; comedy, romance, drama, sadness, steamy scenes and a whole lot more. I believe at the beginning I did mention pictures. Ms. LaBlanc not only can write she is an amazing photographer. The pictures in this books are beautiful. I am not going to lie; this story may have taken me a bit longer to get through because I would stare a little too long at the pictures (yes Readers, I will post a couple for you to view).

photo-1 photo

Well done Jenn LaBlanc!!

You can can purchase The Rake and The Recluse on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Reach out to Jenn LaBlanc via her website.

-Romance Reader Girl


Might I add a personal note about the author:

I met Jenn LaBlanc at RT last month and she is not only an amazing photographer (many books you read have covers done by her), wonderful writer, but she is an extraordinary awesome woman. She has a contagious laugh and is so friendly you cannot help but want to be around her. I am lucky to have spent some time with her and look forward to seeing her soon. She is clear awesomeness!


6 thoughts on “Review: The Rake and The Recluse by Jenn LaBlanc

  1. Ooh, this looks delicious! And those photos!! Jenn you are amazing. Can’t wait to pick this one up! Tweeted!

  2. Love the review, Lindsey! I’ve seen Jenn’s cover work – awesome – wasn’t aware that she is an author. The time travel aspect sounds intriguing and I can imagine how funny the exchanges would be between a 21st century heroine and a 19th century hero! This one is definitely going on my must-have list of books! I’ve tweeted.

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