Tuesday’s Quote

“I always say that love is like the meat in a pie,” Freddy put in. “The crust is what people see—the practical things that hold a couple together. But love is the important part—without it you’ve got a meatless pie, and what’s the point of that?” How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, by Sabrina Jeffries


Sometimes the least likely person will have the best thing to say in a new creative way.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quote

      • I know I’ve had these books for some time but they just seem to keep getting put to the back of my reading queue. I obviously needed a gentle push to get me started and you’ve just provided that push. (I think I’ve read The Truth About Lord Stoneville but it must have been quite a long time ago and so I will need to do a re-read.)

      • Tell me about it! I have quite a few books on the back burner, because Tessa Dare decided to put out an amazing hilarious book (almost done btw).

        You’ll enjoy this series once you get into it. 🙂

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