Review: A Rogue for All Seasons (Westons #3) by Sara Lindsey

There are books that you just cannot put down, because you are so entranced by the story. This has happened to me a few too many times in my reading world, but it happened this past weekend while reading A Rogue for All Seasons by Sara Lindsey. Not to mention many of us were not certain Ms. Lindsey would finish this series, but she has and it is simply wonderful.


Diana Merriweather likes to be invisible. It’s easier to be invisible then to be out there having a good time. If no one sees her she can’t possibly be hurt by them. However, being tall and a redhead doesn’t make it easy for this quiet beauty to hide. She has been running and hiding since she was a child. It was a game to hide and have her parents seek her out until one day her hiding led her to hear a conversation between her parents, that closed her off to anyone trying to get in. She has spend the last sixteen years believing she was not good enough for anyone and hid her true self. If her family couldn’t love her why would anyone else? 

Henry Weston the golden boy of the Ton. He is all things charming and dashing. Henry knows how to get what he wants with a charming smile and everyone knows it. Hal as he is known to his friends and family is trying to find his purpose in life. There is more than just having fun. He must find purpose as he is heir to a Viscountancy; his father is no where near death (thankfully) and he needs to do more than spend his evenings doing unsavory, but fun things. He needs to have a purpose.  Life is easy, but maybe it’s time to try something that might not be so easy. Henry wants to become a stud owner. He wants to start a breeding program. Though, his family is going to make him work for investors. At the same time is wonderful mother is trying to match make a match for him. He might be ready to invest in horses, but not in a bride or marriage. 

Henry has known Diana Merriweather for years. His mother has made him dance with her at every ball for years now. However, at one particular ball he discovers behind the proper all rules facade that is Diana Merriweather there is a spitfire looming to be set free. Henry becomes fixated on this firery personality of hers and wants to know more about her. Diana is not sure why THE Henry Weston is seeking her out, but it isn’t so bad. It doesn’t mean anything. Striking a deal of a pretend courtship; Diana will help Henry recover his reputation making it easier for investors to invest in him and Henry will help Diana’s reputation as being a notable chit for men to show interest for marriage. It’s a win-win what could go wrong? By the end of the courtship Henry will have his horses and Diana will have a husband. Though, the plans begin to go astray when Henry realizes that the only husband Diana should have is himself. Diana may want Henry, but has a very hard time believing his actions are sincere. After all if her own father didn’t want her, why would the ever charming Henry Weston want her? 

“She’s everything I never knew I wanted, never knew I needed. She’s the part of me I didn’t know was missing, but fi I lose her now, I’ll forever have a Diana-shaped hole in my heart. There’s something comfortable, something enduring between us. I lust after her, God Knows, but it’s different with her.” -Henry Weston 

This was such an enjoyable read. I was happy to read Henry get his happy ending. It’s always interesting to read about the happy go lucky ones and what really lurks beneath that facade of happiness. Of course, what was great about the Westons is the family themselves. The large clan that is the Westons are very entertaining with their sneaky ways of getting what they want. It’s hilarious as they all know someone with the name Weston is usually involved when something seems just a bit strange. 🙂 Diana is Henry’s perfect match and he hers. He helps her overcome some self worth issues and that is really what is at the heart of this story; understanding ones own self worth. It was beautiful and I am so happy that Ms. Lindsey finished this series. She delivered a wonderful happily ever after.

You can purchase A Rogue for All Seasons and other books by Sara Lindsey on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Reach to Sara Lindsey via her website.

-Romance Reader Girl


15 thoughts on “Review: A Rogue for All Seasons (Westons #3) by Sara Lindsey

  1. Oh I can’t wait to rad this! I’ve loved all the Weston books so far, so I’m sure this one will be great!

    • Oh! I am so sorry. I wish you could too!
      Can you download the Kindle app to your computer and read the book from there? I had to do that when my Kindle was being replaced. I read my Kindle books off of my computer.

  2. May be ! It annoys me when Books are on kindle in USA and I can’t buy them from Amazon .com as i live outside USA . I always thought Amazon was one company but just in different countries so we should be able to buy of either site !!! I wish !!!!

      • Lindsey, I have a Kindle app. on both my laptop and my iPad but , as they are linked to my Kindle which is registered with Amazon UK, I can only download books from the UK site and not from It’s so frustrating at times. It’s happened recently with Anna Campbell’s e-novella, Days of Rakes and Roses which will only be available in the US. I have requested it from NetGalley and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get approved.

    • Thank you for stopping by and posting, Patricia. I believe the author is going to get out in print soon. if you haven’t you can find Promise Me Tonight the first book in the series. I think that is out in print. 🙂

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