Book Quote Tuesday


“A friend. A companion. A beautiful, passionate lover to spend the days and nights with. A woman to carry my children, a partner to share the triumphs and failures. A woman I can share my dreams with, and who will share hers with me. A woman who I can comfort and hold in times of need, and who will hold me when I am weak , and sorrowful, and in need of the sort of succor only a wife can give her husband. A woman who I so desperately want to make love to. You, Lucy, you are that woman.”

Charlotte FeatherstonePride & Passion


7 thoughts on “Book Quote Tuesday

  1. I love this quote and this book, Lindsey! Have you read the final book in the series, Temptation and Twilight, Ian and Elizabeth’s story? It’s strange because the last comment Charlotte Featherstone made on her Facebook page was back in February 2012. I seem to remember a comment made on Goodreads that her agent had advised that due to personal circumstances she wasn’t writing at the moment. No-one seems to have heard anything further.

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