Book Quote Friday

tempting the marquessFINAL.indd“Sometimes change can be a good thing,” Miss Weston said softly. “there are times in every life when events occur that make change inevitable. If a person learns to embrace change rather than rail against it, perhaps it is less troubling when control is wrested away and one is forced to accept some change.”

Tempting the Marquess: A Weston Novel by Sara Lindsey 

Next week I am making the big move down to the southwest and I feel this quote from Tempting the Marquess fits my mood and situation.

Have a great weekend and happy reading.

-Romance Reader Girl


6 thoughts on “Book Quote Friday

  1. Good luck on your move. I am one of those strange persons who like change, and drags the rest of my family along kicking and screaming. But they usually like it when they get there. Tweeted and shared.

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