Launch Day Blitz for UNCLAIMED by Sara Humphreys *Win Prizes*

Readers,  I am super excited to be apart of Sara Humphreys’ Release Day Blitz for her latest book UNCLAIMED OUT TODAY! I have had the opportunity to read the book and it was fun and exciting. Did I mention hot? It’s sizzling! One of you lucky readers will get to a chance to win one of her books (from her back list), so don’t  forget to comment. Also, if you go to the Facebook event page (click on the banner) you can enter to win a Kindle paperwhite and much more!  I can thank the wonderful blog Rakes, Rogues and Romance for introducing me to these fabulous sizzling reads, check out to find wonderful reads and new authors. 

My Thoughts: This is fabulous book in the series. I love the dynamic tension between Dominic and Tatiana. They are both stubborn and loyal to their people, desires and goals. They are a power duo and you can’t help but enjoy all the barbs back and forth. This book at me hooked from the beginning. Ms. Humphreys’ does an amazing job bringing back all of our characters from previous books and finding out who is trying to kill hybrids. This book embodies why I find paranormals fun and hot! This is a sizzling book that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end. Also, there is a lot of Stephen in this book and we learn more about who his mate is which isn’t as it seems.


The AMOVEO series can be found on Amazon.

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Good Luck! Happy Reading!

Romance Reader Girl


66 thoughts on “Launch Day Blitz for UNCLAIMED by Sara Humphreys *Win Prizes*

  1. I am so looking forward to this book. Happy Release Day! Thanks for making a convert out me, Sara. Who knew I would like paranormal romance?

  2. Such a great series and Sara is a sweet and fun author. I love tension and snark between my H/H, it always makes for such fun reads. I’m excited to get my hands on this one especially after your review. 🙂 And yay for a lot of Stephen.

  3. Thank you to author Sara Humphreys for sharing her talent with us. This is the first time I have had a chance to be part of a book release online…next….would love to be at one in person at least for a little while!

  4. Waiting for my book! Yes, I got the paper back just because I started the series that way. Plus the feel of the book is just comforting. (Not to mention you can see the guy more clearly 🙂 )

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