Author Interview: Rose Gordon

Hi Readers, I am excited to have Rose Gordon on the blog today. I have read many of her historical romances, and they are some of my favorites.

RRG: What made you decide to write historical romance?
RG: You know the old saying, “Write what you know”? This is what I knew. It was what I’d read the most of and I have an unhealthy obsession with history. I think it’d be wonderful to live back then and wear those fancy dresses and have someone else do all the housework. However, I’d certainly miss modern plumbing…

RRG: Is there a genre you’d like to try but haven’t yet?
RG: No. When I take it in my mind to write a story in a different genre, I usually do it because even if the genre doesn’t appeal to anyone else, I’ll never be able to say I tried and failed if I don’t try in the first place.

RRG: What does your family think of your writing?
RG: They love it! I must confess that in the past I had a history of starting things and not seeing them through. So when I started writing a book, everyone, and I do mean everyone, was skeptical but when I actually finished the first book, then the second and third, faith built. Now that I’m 15 books in and showing no signs of stopping, I think they all love it. But not as much as me.

RRG: Who is your favorite duo you’ve written?
RG: AAAAAhhhhh, such a hard question. Honestly, I don’t have any favorites. Books and the  characters within them are like my children. I cannot pick a favorite. Usually, though, I always think and say my favorite is the couple that I’m currently working on. Sorry, that’s not very helpful, but that’s the truth. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

RRG: What do you like to read?
RG: Just about any type of romance except one genre that I fear I cannot name without making your entire readership groan in one accord. When not reading fiction, I LOVE to read research books. I swear that for every novel I own, I have two (or three) reference books. Sometimes I’ll just sit down and read an entire trivia book cover to cover. Yeah, I’m a nerd like that.

RRG: Who are some of your favorite heroes and heroines in romance novels?
RG: I don’t think I can fairly answer this. Last year, I only read about 15 novels, most of which were a few years old so I don’t think I can give an answer that is even relevant. But, I can tell you what personalities I like. I love beta (and gamma) heroes. I want a guy who is nice and caring and genuinely loves the heroine. I want that to show. I don’t like guys who brood or are mean to the heroine. Nor do I care for the guys in historicals who have mistresses. For my heroines, they need to be sassy and have a backbone. Ladies who abandon their morals and good sense as soon as the hero saunters into the room drive me nuts.

19508224RRG: Can you tell us about your new series? (I just finished Secrets of a Viscount and I enjoyed it. I really connected with Giles. I am really looking forward to his book.)
RG: The series name on this one is Gentlemen of Honor, and the heroes, I believe, are just that: gentlemen of honor. Some have a past, some have issues and some just don’t have a clue; but they’re all honorable and want to do the right thing, even if they aren’t always sure what the right thing is.

As an aside, two of these books will include heroines we’ve met very briefly in my earlier books. Lucy Whitaker, the heroine in Desires of a Baron, is from Liberty from Paul as the woman Paul once proposed to but she declined in favor of his brother. Henrietta Hughes, the heroine in Passions of a Gentleman, is the sister of Juliet, the heroine from Her Secondhand Groom.


Quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” –Les Brown
Season: Spring, before the weather gets unbearable.
Candy: York Peppermint Patties
Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Pair of Shoes: My running shoes–not that I wear them for that, because I don’t. Well, not unless something is chasing me, but otherwise I wear them all the time for just about every occasion except going to church.

Thanks so much for having me on today! I had a wonderful time with your interview.

Thanks Rose for taking the time do the interview. Readers, you can purchase Ms. Gordon’s book on Amazon and B&N.

Reach out to Rose Gordon via her website, Facebook and Twitter.

-Romance Reader Girl


26 thoughts on “Author Interview: Rose Gordon

  1. Great interview and I must add that Rose Gordon is a terrific author! I have added this book to my Wish List and look forward to reading it soon. Congratulations, Rose!!

  2. Fabulous interview!!!! It feels like forever since I’ve learned something about you Rose. And of course it’s great to see past characters now having their own story told, even though I have forgotten about them….

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