My Newest Reading Obsession

I have been quiet for a week due to a terrible head cold, but do you think I was able to put down my trusty Kindle? NOPE, not a chance. I have been obsessed with reading the Cut and Run series by Abigail Roux and Madeline Urban. Holy Book Hotness, I am clearly addicted to this series and characters. I can thank my friend Nancy over at Rakes, Rogues and Romance for virtually twisting my arm to read this series.

This series is about two FBI Agents, Ty Grady and Zane Garrett, who are thrown together as partners, and aren’t exactly thrilled. They are put on cases to solve and in the process fall in love with one another, but it’s not an easy romance. There are deep dark secrets they both hide from one another, and it’s anything but easy. The romance is fabulous the dialogue is spectacular and all the wonderful secondary characters (some how spun off stories- so amazing) add so much depth to this series. If you are not a fan of m/m romance that’s ok, I still encourage you to read this series. It’s not all about romance as there are crimes that need to be solved. I promise you will love it and become obsessed. Bonus, Abigail Roux is great interacting with her fans!

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The best part is this just keeps going and going; Abigail Roux is currently writing more books in this series. There are websites dedicated to Ty & Zane. I have found called The Interrogation Room on Tumblr. It’s 350+ pages where the characters from this series answers questions from readers. How amazing is that?

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“Hello, My name is Lindsey and I’m obsessed with all things Ty & Zane. And I’m not ready for rehab!”

You can purchase this series on AMAZON and B&N.

The Interrogation Room

Abigail Roux 

-Romance Reader Girl


One thought on “My Newest Reading Obsession

  1. Reblogged this on Rakes Rogues and Romance and commented:
    I’m re blogging this today from my fabulous friend Lindsey’s blog for a few reasons. One I’m still on vacation and am too lazy to come up with anything new myself. Two I truly madly deeply love these books, and am happy to take full credit for Lindsey’s new book obsession
    For those who have never heard of this series, Lindsey does a great job of outlining their premise: two FBI agents who are assigned to work with each other, first hate one another, then respect and fall in love. But the journey, oh the journey people is amazing. Don’t just take my word for it. There are Tumblrs devoted to them, a Goodreads site entitled “Ty and Zane are like crack.” What I love about the authors (and Madeline Urban has left the series so it is all Abigail Roux) is that she writes from the heart. These characters are real to her. She isn’t bound by what people tell her are the correct ways to write. You will find multiple POVs and some headhopping. And you know what? The books are fabulous, no one died from a head hop and I am officially obsessed.
    Enjoy Cut and Run but is will warn you they get better and better. Remember it is a series and a romantic suspense. There is no HEA at te end of each book but it makes the wait for the next one soooo good. And yes it is a love story so I know they will be together in the end

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