Wedding Romance

Hi Readers- I have been a little MIA over the last few weeks. Mostly, because I have been reading and working like crazy. Not to worry, I will have reviews up soon. Today, I want to post about a surprise, I received two weeks ago. I was packing for a trip to Washington state for my Valentine’s/Birthday weekend. In the middle of packing I get a knock on the door, and there is the mailman with a box. I saw who it was from and thought, oh, Shannyn must be sending me a pug love package (she’s a pug mom too) or birthday package. What I got was even better!

SURPRISE!!photo I opened the box and was shocked! She asked me to be in her bridal party for her wedding in 2015! Oooh, I was in shocked and so honored, I was brought to tears knowing I was going to help celebrate her special day. Look at the way she did it! A cute box full of cute things to pop the question–Love that idea!

Shannyn and I go back, way back. I’ve known her since she was 12 (me 17). We belonged to a service organization for young women (she has called it “My Colorful Life” and I will too). We grew up together. We went through some happy and sad times. I’ve watched her become one of the most inspiring women this world has to offer. Shannyn’s determination to succeed in all that she does is catching, and you cannot help but want to be like her. I’ve always wanted to be like her.

This bride and groom are planning on funding the wedding themselves. They have set a goal of saving $20K for their wedding. I believe they will reach this goal and probably exceed it.

Shannyn and Chris (the fiance) have a romantic story that has spanned miles and years. I am honored and look forward to helping them create their perfect wedding and the start of their happily ever after.

Check out Shannyn’s blog Frugal Beautiful. She has some awesome tips and fabulous ideas.

-Romance Reader Girl


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