Review: Dancing With A Devil by Julie Johnstone

Official Blurb: A Lord Chained To His Past…
Lord Trent Rutherford’s past has left him guarded, jaded and perfectly content to spend the rest of his life moving from one meaningless affair to the next. Until he meets Lady Audrey Cringlewood, an innocent beauty who makes him question everything he believes. His devilish demeanor guards more than a wounded heart. Behind his swagger lie secrets he’d rather forget than face, but the price of forgetting may be his second chance at life.

A Lady Determined To Shape Her Future…
Audrey Cringlewood longs to marry for love, not convenience. After several months of flirtatious banter, secret smiles and three very unforgettable kisses, Trent Rutherford, the rake known as Sin, proves himself the man of her dreams. Audrey suspects she understands the pain he hides behind his devil may care attitude, but when the truth comes to light, is her love enough to heal all wounds or will the secrets Trent guarded so carefully tear them apart forever?

21461012My Thoughts: Dancing With A Devil was not the typical Regency romance. Yes, it had many elements that are Regency but it was not the cookie cutter Duke meets wallflower and falls in love. Nope, the hero and heroine of this Regency have strong personalities and own thoughts about love and marriage.

From the opening pages of the book Lady Audrey is not a simpering miss. She is determined to have the life she craves. She is outspoken and honest. Audrey is a young lady determined to make the most of life and she is willing to overcome obstacles that may be in her way. Oh and the obstacles come in the form of her father and brother.

Widower, Lord Trent Rutherford like his ladies willing, wanting and experienced. No virginal ladies for him but when Lady Audrey puts him under her spell she is the only thing he will ever want. However, Trent’s wife who has been dead may not be so dead and puts a kink into claiming Lady Audrey.

Dancing With A Devil had many wonderful elements. I was laughing with how honest Audrey was when talking with her peers and in other moments my heart was breaking for Audrey and Trent. There are twist and turns in this story that you don’t see coming, which adds to the charm of the book. This story has a wonderful cast of characters that make it unforgettable.

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-Romance Reader Girl


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