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Q&A with Emma Locke
What’s your favorite historical romance?
I don’t mean to be repetitive, because I know everyone says this, but Loretta Chase’s Lord of Scoundrels has to be the best book I’ve ever read. For the same reasons everyone else loves it, of course. It’s clever and sexy and has that Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh factor we all want to feel when we read a fantastic romance.

What is the first romance novel you ever read?
Heather Graham’s Captive. I’m a Florida native, and I got my fifteen-year-old hands on this book because my then-boyfriend’s stepmom (who he loathed, by the way) had the limited judgment and incredible foresight to realize I would absolutely love it. Captive has everything: a super-hot, super-alpha hero, a Southern belle, a terrible war that couldn’t be won, and historical trivia that could put you to sleep. I never read another non-romance novel after that.

Would you want to live in the time you write about? What would you love? Hate?
I say I would. I also grew up believing I wanted to be Laura Ingalls, and now that idea makes me want to grab my iPhone and hold it close. But I think I would [love to be rich]. If I could be rich, my time period (1813-1817) would be great. I’d love the fabrics and dresses and all the old, old houses. I’d love the horses and proper beaus and cottages—oh, the cottages. Even in the 1800s, I’d be blown over by the history in the places I visited. That’s what stood out to me most when I went on vacation to Ireland—even in my characters’ time, the houses I visited would have been old. But if I were just an average citizen of the time, then no, I’d hate it. Life was hard—just ask Erica Monroe. I respect the people who came before us, the downtrodden men and women brave enough to think America would be better than the hellholes they lived in. Which means, I suppose, that were I living in the time period I write about, I might spend all of my time trying to get out. I’d be Laura Ingalls after all, in some weird, twisted paradox, trying to get to Future America.

If given the choice between a duke, a rogue, or an alpha hero, which would you choose?
I’d want to be a duke. You can be a rogue or an alpha hero and a duke, but if you’re just one of the former, your power is limited. In my real (non-author) life, I’m more likely to be found making critical decisions than wreaking havoc. I mean, havoc is fun, but I can do it in my down time. I guess I’d be a really fun, clever, benevolent duke who managed to drag himself into work with a hangover.

What tempts you? (Chocolate, caviar, long walks on the beach…)
I love a good happy hour. No matter how serious the day was, how impossible the situation, happy hour brings people together. I will pretty much forgo any good intentions to exercise or write or clean the house if I can bond with some buddies over a few beers. (Or a few margaritas with my lady friends, though that happens far less often.) I’m a true extrovert, and nothing relaxes me more than surrounding myself with my loud, drunken friends at the end of the day. Which is why I would make an awesome alpha hero.

Rapid fire round:
Designer purses or Target special?
I was Target special, until my girlfriend who only buys Coach convinced me that high quality = longevity. The logical engineer inside me can’t deny her point. I’ve been Designer ever since (but only on clearance!)
Heels or flip flops? Flip flops. But mine have sparkles!
Rich or famous? Rich. I grew up very poor and I have to support my parents in their old age, so having a good, solid, dependable retirement income is more important to me than anything else. (That’s my PSA to any aspiring writers out there. Writing doesn’t usually pay right away because it takes time to build up a backlist and start making money, but there are lots of great STEM jobs you can work while you wait for your career to take off. Get a job in a STEM field then write your heart out after work. It’s nice not to have to worry about things like health insurance and rent while you make the slow, marathon climb to success.)
American hottie or sexy Brit? Sexy Brit. I like a little class with my six pack.
Where’s your happy place? I write most of my books at my local bar, The Rock, because as an extrovert it’s very difficult for me to write at home alone (QUIET = AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, NIGHTMARE). I spend all day looking forward to getting back into my little corner of The Rock. My husband doesn’t understand it. Whenever he comes to have dinner with me, he brings ear plugs. Yet I love the noise.

Tempted bookExcerpt from THE PROBLEM WITH SEDUCTION:
She relaxed gradually into his embrace. It was odd. She’d allowed herself to be drawn into all manner of illicit activity within a few feet of potential witnesses, but nothing had ever made her feel as exposed as Lord Constantine’s chaste hug did. What if another patron were to walk around the corner?
“Don’t go.” His arms tightened, holding her against him. “Just a moment longer.”
Her heart melted for this man who liked babies and hugging and, for some reason, her. Bit by bit, she worked her hands around his waist and clasped them at his back. He’d done so much for her. If all he asked for was a few minutes’ embrace in return…
Who was she fooling? This felt wonderful.

About the Book:
A boxed set with ten sizzling historical romances from ten bestselling historical romance authors. Fall in love with fabulous tales of intrigue, suspense, wit, and passion featuring dukes, rogues, alpha heroes…and the women who can’t resist them. JUST 99 CENTS from July 27 – Sept. 21—then it disappears FOREVER!
Scoundrel Ever After by Darcy Burke – Once upon a time there was a very bad boy who met a very nice girl….
Lady of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle – Educating a man in the art of love takes time. Lots of it.
Sonata for a Scoundrel by Anthea Lawson – Passion and secrets simmer against the glittering backdrop of 19th century musical celebrity.
To Dare the Duke of Dangerfield by Bronwen Evans – What’s a lady to do when a notorious rake wins her estate in a game of cards?
Undone by Lila DiPasqua – One steamy, emotionally charged retelling of Rapunzel…Rescuing this beauty from the ‘tower’ is only the beginning…
The Problem with Seduction by Emma Locke – Elizabeth Spencer needs a man. She doesn’t need to like him—because while she needs a man, she doesn’t particularly want one.
A Dangerous Invitation by Erica Monroe – Daniel O’Reilly returns to win back Kate Morgan’s heart and prove he’s innocent of murder.
Once Upon a Duke by Eva Devon – A widow looking to get seduced. A duke more than willing to oblige.
Great & Unfortunate Desires by Gina Danna – A marquis with a guilty past takes a bride in a world where love is fatal.
Dark Surrender By Erica Ridley – Trapped in darkness…. Their passion burns bright!

Wednesday, July 30th
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Lady Rises by Renee Bernard *GIVEAWAY*

Readers- The much anticipated follow up to Lady Falls is out!! Lady Rises is out and if you are ready to find out what has happens next to Raven Wells you need to read Lady Rises. 

LadyRisesSMallLADY RISES serves up the next relentless installment in the Black Rose Trilogy and leaves no doubt that Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged but when that woman is Raven Wells—the Devil himself would rather keep out of her way.

From the ashes of LADY FALLS, Raven Wells is transformed into Lady Serena Wellcott.  Now with wealth and power all her own, she is the founder of the Black Rose—a secret society dedicated to securing justice for women who have been abused or wronged in the private corridors of Victorian society.  She has dedicated her life to revenge, honing her skills at the bequest of others but biding her time until she has the two men she loathes most in this world in her sights.

Sir Phillip Warrick has scars of his own from their fateful encounter years before and his heart has never healed from the loss of his beautiful Raven and the irrevocable mistake of brutally ending their affair.  But when he found no trace of her, he let himself believe that she was dead.  Except Phillip isn’t that lucky.  When he is introduced to Lady Serena Wellcott at his cousin’s country home, his world begins to implode.  Because once again he has a tigress by the tail, except this time, it’s a dangerous mix of passion and poison when it becomes clear that what the lady wants most is his head on a platter.  If only he didn’t still love her with every fiber of his being…

In a dance of desire, Serena has her own struggles reconciling the man she once loved with the irresistible rake she has vowed to hate.  Vengeance is its own mistress and it’s a race to the finish as the Black Rose takes on a quest to carve out justice and find mercy even where it’s been forgotten.  Love may rule but Lady Serena Wellcott doesn’t believe in playing fairly and she also doesn’t believe in surrender.

**From acclaimed USA Today bestselling author, Renee Bernard, comes a new trilogy of gothic power and twisted sensuality.  Here’s a slice of historical romance not generally found in the mainstream—so pull up a chair, settle in for a good read and hang on!


Leave a comment and you could win an eBook of Lady Rises.


Don’t forget if you haven’t read Lady Falls it will 99 cents for just a few more weeks.


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Review: Once Upon a Duke by Eva Devon

Book Blurb: Everything is going swimmingly for Kathryn Darrell. She’s got an annuity of a hundred thousand a year, her lecherous-heart breaking husband has had the good graces to pop off, and best of all, she has her freedom– Something she has every intention of reveling in to the fullest. And who better to revel with than Ryder Blake, the infamous Duke of Darkwell?

A Duke’s Desire:
Ryder Blake, Duke of Darkwell, known as the Duke of Debauchery, is certain he will never love again. His heart lies buried with his wife and he has vowed to never give more than his body to a woman. But when Kathryn shows up on his doorstep, quite literally, demanding he show her the ways of London, he finds that his heart longs to love once again.

Thoughts: Holy Smokes, this was a laugh out loud read and I loved it.  Ms. Devon takes a look at the other side of the Ton. The side where the rules can be bent a little. Kathryn (Kate) Darrell is a widow that was left in the country while her husband made a spectacle of himself in London. When he dies, Kate goes to London to take control of her life and experience things she had been missing out on while in the country. Kate decides Ryder Blake the Duke of Darkwell will be the perfect person to help her experience what she has been missing. Ryder is a lonely sad widower that misses his wife everyday and believes he deserves not to live a happy life. When Kate seeks out Ryder sparks ignite and the chase begins. I love the dialogue between Kate and Ryder. There are moments that are truly laugh out and chemistry between Kate and Ryder is fantastic. This is a great love story where rules are broken and the characters are enjoying every minute. Also, the cast of characters are amazing and I hope they each get their own books.

Oooh might I add Eva Devon is also known as Maire Claremont. Fabulous!!!

You can buy this book today on AMAZON!

***I received a copy of this book for an honest review.***

-Romance Reader Girl

Cover Reveal: CRAZY FOR HER by Sandra Owens

Readers– We have a cover for CRAZY FOR HER by Sandra Owens out September first. It is absolutely gorgeous! I am looking forward to reading it.

Crazy For HEr Cover-1

Book Blurb: When his best friend and fellow Navy SEAL, Evan Prescott, died in his arms on the battlefield, Logan Kincaid gave his word to watch over Evan’s widow. But for two years he kept his distance…torn between honoring his solemn vow and succumbing to his secret love for his fallen comrade’s wife. But when Dani Prescott desperately reaches out to Logan for the help only he can give, he rushes to her side—determined to fight for her safety as fiercely as he fights against his own buried desire.

Someone claiming to be her husband is stalking Dani and her infant daughter, making them virtually prisoners in their remote country home. Logan’s elite military training and high-risk security expertise have outmatched more dangerous enemies. But the real challenge will be the burning temptation that threatens to overcome Logan whenever Dani is near…especially when she reveals her own hidden passion.


-Romance Reader Girl