Review: Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove 3.5) by Tessa Dare

Beauty and the Blacksmith is the latest story in the Spindle Cove Series, by Tess Dare. Many of the Spindle Cove followers, myself included asked, “Where is Diana Highwood’s story?” When I saw it come out as a novella I was a little disappointed; thinking Ms. Dare, Diana only get’s a novella? How can that be? Well, readers, Tessa Dare delivers with her usual charm that keeps us coming back for more.


Diana Highwood is the meek beauty of three sisters that reside in Spindle Cove. She is in Spindle Cove due to her fragile state (asthma). However, she has outgrown this illness, but no one knows. Diana’s mother, Mrs. Highwood expects her to marry well within the nobility, because of that beauty and meek personality.

Aaron Dawes is the handsome brawny blacksmith of Spindle Cove. If there is something broken, Mr. Dawes can repair it. He is not only busy repairing the broken items of Spindle Cove, but he is also the go-to-man when someone is in trouble. In his spare time he makes enchanting pieces of jewelry to sell.

For two years, both Aaron and Diana have been infatuated with one another from a far. They both watch one another and find ways to be in each other’s presence without it being obvious. Diana finds ways (even if that means breaking a clasps or two) to be in Aaron’s shop. One day Aaron questions why she is there so often and the truth is comes out…(from both). From that moment on we watch the story unfold, breathlessly turning each page to see if the beautiful Diana and brawny blacksmith Aaron will find their happily ever after.  Not only is this a story about finding happiness, there is a mystery that needs to be solved too!

This novella packs a powerful punch. The flow is steady and I don’t feel anything was rushed or missing when I finished. I really enjoyed watching Diana come out of her shell and find herself. She is surprisingly funny and has awesome one-liners. Aaron is a genuine man that wants to do right by all women. He is friendly, helpful and is all around wonderful man.  Of course, he is good with his hands, and that cannot be a bad thing! Also, we have all the wonderful Spindle Cove family in this novella.

When I read any story; I find myself always loving the secondary characters as much as the H/h. This story was no different. Charlotte (Diana’s youngest sister) was a scene stealer with her spunky personality. Oh…and a new character is introduced, Mr. Evermore and he is a bit unique and that’s all I will say. 🙂

You will not be disappointed when reading this novella. All of the great Tessa Dare charm is there. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and saying “This cannot be happening.”

I am really looking forward to the next book in the series Any Duchess Will Do, coming out May 28th.

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