Review: A Taste for Scandal (Sealed With a Kiss Series #2), by Erin Knightley

It is always a great day to read a historical romance book, but it’s even an better day when you find a new author and you realize they are going to be one of your favorites. Erin Knightley is one of my new favorites. See why in my review of A Taste for Scandal.


Richard Moore, Earl of Raleigh has it all; good looks, charm, intelligence charismatic family and heir to a marquisate. He is in all standards the man to marry and all the matching making mama’s know it. However, Richard isn’t ready to settle down. He’s young, charming and just wants to live carefree for a few more years, before the daunting responsibility of marquisate is thrusted upon him. 

 Jane Bunting is a baking goddess. She owns her bakery and take cares of her younger brother. Jane is too busy being practical to enjoy any passions outside of baking a delicious scone or pie, which leaves her feeling lonely.  She doesn’t dream of what can be, because that takes away from the business she is trying to keep going for her deceased parents. She doesn’t have time for silly dreams of what could never be. 

Richard believes a woman is in distressed while passing a bakery and rushes in to be of service. He then takes action, beating the man the he feels is causing the distress. In the process of being the dashing hero he is knocked down by a woman. While the disturbance takes place the bakery is left in shambles. This begins the back and forth apology and let me make it up to you dance between Richard and Jane. After being pester by the ever so charming Richard, Jane reluctantly agrees to give Richard and his younger quick-witted sister Bea baking lessons. Richard may be an Earl, but Jane does not go easy on him. They banter back and forth and soon sparks begin to fly. The question is can an earl and a baker have a real future in society? 

 I enjoyed this book. The characters are charismatic and the story was charming. I love the connection between Richard and Jane. They really do show that there is no boundaries when love is involved even if that means sacrificing ones own heart. There are no shortage of spirited secondary characters in this book or series. The Moore family is precious and hilarious. The connection between the siblings and parents makes you want to jump in and be apart of that family, and luckily you feel like you are when reading this story. As much as I laughed in this book, there were a few moments your heart drops and you’re nearly brought to tears. That is my disclaimer to have a tissue near by. 🙂 

Erin Knightley’s writing is enchanting. I found myself gigging while reading her books. I look forward to the next book in this series Flirting With Fortune out later this year, and if you haven’t read book one in this series More Than a Stranger I suggest you do. It is about Richard’s sister Evie and best friend Benedict.

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-Romance Reader Girl