Book Review: Julie’s Butterfly by Greta Milán

Synopsis: When beautiful Julietta meets aloof, handsome photographer Bastian, she immediately feels butterflies in her stomach.

But Bastian has a secret: Since birth, he has suffered from a very rare skin disorder that makes him exceptionally prone to injury. His life is riddled with pain and rejection; his thoughts are dominated by self-doubt and mistrust.

Julie wants to help him shake loose his inhibitions and open up to her, but can she reach deep enough to truly understand his suffering?


My Thoughts: This book consumed me. It made me stop and think. It’s not a typical romance but something so much more. This story is about a man, Bastian trying to live his life without having the stares and comments affect him. He is barely existing until he meets the vibrant Julietta. She wants to help Bastian by using her love for him but years of self doubt and mistrust makes their relationship anything but easy. Add some controlling parents and spunky best friend and you have a great read.

I had never heard of the skin disease Epidermolysis bullosa and the descriptions in the book give a clear picture of how living with this disease could be very difficult. To learn more about the butterfly children click here.

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-Romance Reader Girl