Review: Nicholas (Lonely Lords #2) by Grace Burrowes

If Grace Burrowes doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you must make a note to remember that name and then go buy her books. I made my acquaintance with the talented Grace Burrowes when I read The Heir part of the Windham series. Which after that book I devoured all the books she had available. I love each and everyone of them. I have found that all of Grace’s books have emotions that run deep; whether it be laughter or sorrow she writes emotion very well. I know when I pick up a Grace Burrowes’ book I am going to love it.

Below is my review for Nicholas by Grace Burrowes

Nicholas Haddonfield, Viscount Reston is a blond handsome giant on the hunt for a bride, due to the wish of his dying father. Nicholas is not a saint and has a colorful past, that he does not talk about. He knows he must marry, but he does not wish to have true union but a white marriage.

Lady Leah Lindsey is on the shelf with a scandalous past. Her father cannot stand to be in the same room with her and wants nothing more to marry her off the first chance he gets. She feels she is a burden to her brothers and all she wants is to be loved and love another with no shame or heartache.

In a dark corner hiding for different reasons Nicholas and Leah meet and share a kiss. That secret kiss stirs something within Nicolas that he needs to be this Lady’s champion. However, secrets, shame and pride will make it hard for both to come together in a perfect union. But if there is love, there is a way…

I really enjoyed this book. Nicholas is a sweetheart and he loves to love people. He is a big man with an even bigger heart and that heart is full of emotion. Leah is a practical woman that tells it how it is, which is refreshing. I always enjoy books that involves a big family dynamic and this book delivers that fun dynamic. It takes you into the pages and you enjoy being in those moments.

Oh and Lord Valentine Windham (Virtuoso) is in this book as a close friend to Nicholas. And any book that has Lord Val in it is makes this ready very happy! 🙂

I look forward to the next book in this series, Ethan (half brother to Nicholas).

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Happy Reading!
-Romance Reader Girl


Review: Obsession Wears Opals by Renee Bernard

I have read Obsession Wears Opals four times, and each time I have loved it. My book club wanted to read this book, so I was happy to read it for the fourth time. If you like historical romance I encourage to read Renee Bernard’s books. They have it all; danger, love, humor, action, intimacy and steamy scenes.

Enjoy my review below for Obsession Wears Opals.

If you ever thought a bookworm or scholar wasn’t sexy, Darius Thorne, in Obsession Wears Opals will change your mind. AND might I add you will never look at the game of chess the same way again. 

Renee Bernard’s fifth book in the Jaded series delivers with all the spectacular excitement and sensual intense love as the previous books. Darius Thorne is a bookworm/scholar working on the puzzle the Jaded find themselves in, when he is distracted by a woman who has had her soul beaten from her, and Darius thus begins a new puzzle… Saving Isabel. If you’re looking for a story that isn’t the same old same old historical romance, I encourage you to read Obsession Wears Opals. You will not be disappointed, but empowered by Isabel and Darius, they are a pair not to ignore. AND…I can guarantee there is a moment in the book where you will say, “That’s a game changer!”. 

I cannot mention the Jaded without talking about the BOYS! Every time I read about the Jaded, I feel like I’m walking into Rowan’s Brownstone and enjoying the vibe in the room. I giggle when they banter, because you can feel the love and admiration these men have for one another. BONUS!…Their wives have formed the same kind of sentiment. One of my favorite things about the Jaded is you feel like you are one of them just by reading these books.


I always finish reading Renee Bernard’s books with a smile, because I had a great time reading it! I hope you do too!

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-Romance Reader Girl