Review: Layers Deep (Layers Trilogy #1) by Lacey Silks

Happy Monday Readers- I love my historical romances but sometimes I need a break and I got one when reading Layers Deep.

18526375Official Blurb: He needs her to save a friend.
She needs him to plan her revenge.
Their pasts scar them Layers Deep.
Their passion distracts them…
…and distractions can be fatal.

Tristan Cross is battling emotional demons from the past. He lives in a world where trust is earned, loyalties are tested, and love is impossible. That is, until he meets Allie Green. She’s the only woman who can help him find a kidnapped friend and to top it off, she captivates him. All he has to do now is persuade her to work for Cross Enterprises, his top investigations firm.

Allie Green is a rookie cop seeking revenge and she’s willing to sell her soul to get it. With an opportunity to use Tristan Cross’s resources Allie calculates her time for payback. As vengeance boils her blood she can’t keep her mind off her new boss and Allie finds it difficult to keep her employment professional. With the mouth watering Tristan Cross distracting her, she struggles to prioritize an undercover job she’s been assigned and her hunger for revenge.

And when you’re ready to give up your life to save someone else, distractions can be fatal.

My Thoughts: I was a little hesitant to read this book as I thought it was going to be similar to Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series. Yes, there are a couple similarities but the story line is different and I really enjoyed it. This story is about two people trying to outrun ghosts from their past but realize that maybe they will need one another to stop running from those ghost. Tristan and Allie are two people that take control of situations when needed. They are not going to stand by and let things happen they are going to make them happen. The chemistry between these too is hot and Ms. Silks does a wonderful job expressing their passion. This is a quick read that leaves you hanging on the last sentence; wishing, praying and hoping that the wait isn’t long for the next installment. I warn that you will want a cool drink while you read this story because it is sizzling hot!

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-Romance Reader Girl


Review: Edible (Exquisite #3) by Ella Frank

Holy buckets of hotness is what you will feel when reading Edible by Ella Frank. You’ll want to read this book by the pool or beach as you will need to cool yourself off….often.

16249388Rachel Langley is a shell of her former self. She has the appearance of a self-confident, talented pastry chef and she is, but she is living with a secret from her past that consumes her. She can’t seem to get passed this dark secret that seems to control part of her. Rachel withdrawals from her family and friends and finds a way to gain control by frequenting a nightclub called Whipped.

Cole Madison exudes power and control. This Viking look alike owns the room when he graces it. He is a man that knows what he wants and always get its. Behind the strong confident man there is a loneliness that he desperately wants to avoid and not pay attention to.

From the moment that Rachel and Cole meet there are sparks. Cole knows that he will have her, while Rachel is determined to be anywhere but near Cole. Though the Gods have something completely different in mind for these two.

Holy smokes- this book was intense! Not only is there tones of sexual chemistry but there is an emotional story behind it. This story isn’t just about intense hot sex scenes but about a story of family, love, loss and truly accepting oneself. Sometimes you can be in crowd full of love, but feel completely alone. Both Cole and Rachel are in need of understanding and acceptance of who they are and why they are who they are. This story has it all; laughter, love, hot sex, sarcasm and a powerful cast. This is the third book in Exquisite series. It can be read as a standalone, but to understand the dynamic on all the characters it is a good idea to start with the first book in the series, Exquisite. OH and you’ll learn a little bit about carmel sauce!

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-Romance Reader Girl