Book Birthday: Wish Upon A Duke by Eva Devon

Happy Book Birthday to Eva Devon with her newest release, Wish Upon A Duke. I am looking forward to this read!

EVa DevonBlurb: Lady Imogen Cavendish loves making merry. After surviving years of marriage to an old man, having seized her freedom seems the only intelligent thing to have done. Even so, years of dancing her way through parties has lost its’ luster and all she wants now is to spend most of the year on the small estate she’s purchased in Scotland. There’s just one thing. Her neighbor is an infuriating, superior, and exceptionally handsome duke!

An Arrogant Duke Who Knows It All:

Duncan Hamish Fergus, Tenth Duke of Blackburn, does everything right. Duty might as well be his middle name. After his father very nearly ruined his mother and sister’s life, Duncan is determined to never let the family name be tarnished again. Sacrificing his own pleasure seems a small price to pay until he meets the mad capped English woman, Lady Cavendish. In all his years on the path of righteous, no woman has ever tempted him to stray into sin, but no woman has ever been as mischievous or voluptuous as his saucy sassenach neighbor.

Can Imogen teach the oh so proper duke how to have a little fun or will two hearts be broken by propriety?

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Hot Read Alert!

I discovered that one my favorite historical authors has put a contemporary read that is really good. It’s a serial; which, I am normally not a fan of but I enjoyed it so much that I cannot wait for the next installment. So… which author is it? It’s Eva Devon (Maire Claremont). Pick up her new book DIRTY BEAUTIFUL RICH today. It’s a short read and it’s 99 cents. Get your weekend started with a this fantastic short read.

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Synopsis: Damian Fitzgerald, The Earl of Clare, has a secret. It’s dark and deep and he never speaks of it to anyone. That secret has driven him to become one of the most powerful and wealthy men in the world. A man who does whatever it takes to always win. When he spots Julie Doyle on a visit to the United States, he knows he has to have her. And when Damian Fitzgerald wants something, nothing stands in his way.

Two years ago, Julie Doyle’s dreams crashed and burned. With her mom’s death, one hundred thousand dollars in student loan and medical debt, and a degree that’s taken her no where, she’s given up on ever living the life she imagined. But a night out with her friends puts Irishman Damian Fitzgerald in her path. A man unlike any she’s ever known. Powerful, sexy as hell, and wealthy beyond her dreams, she can’t believe that he singles her out with one very appealing proposition.



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Review: Once Upon a Duke by Eva Devon

Book Blurb: Everything is going swimmingly for Kathryn Darrell. She’s got an annuity of a hundred thousand a year, her lecherous-heart breaking husband has had the good graces to pop off, and best of all, she has her freedom– Something she has every intention of reveling in to the fullest. And who better to revel with than Ryder Blake, the infamous Duke of Darkwell?

A Duke’s Desire:
Ryder Blake, Duke of Darkwell, known as the Duke of Debauchery, is certain he will never love again. His heart lies buried with his wife and he has vowed to never give more than his body to a woman. But when Kathryn shows up on his doorstep, quite literally, demanding he show her the ways of London, he finds that his heart longs to love once again.

Thoughts: Holy Smokes, this was a laugh out loud read and I loved it.  Ms. Devon takes a look at the other side of the Ton. The side where the rules can be bent a little. Kathryn (Kate) Darrell is a widow that was left in the country while her husband made a spectacle of himself in London. When he dies, Kate goes to London to take control of her life and experience things she had been missing out on while in the country. Kate decides Ryder Blake the Duke of Darkwell will be the perfect person to help her experience what she has been missing. Ryder is a lonely sad widower that misses his wife everyday and believes he deserves not to live a happy life. When Kate seeks out Ryder sparks ignite and the chase begins. I love the dialogue between Kate and Ryder. There are moments that are truly laugh out and chemistry between Kate and Ryder is fantastic. This is a great love story where rules are broken and the characters are enjoying every minute. Also, the cast of characters are amazing and I hope they each get their own books.

Oooh might I add Eva Devon is also known as Maire Claremont. Fabulous!!!

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***I received a copy of this book for an honest review.***

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