Pre-Release Review: Flirting with Fortune by Erin Knightley

I have been waiting to read what happens to the very perceptive Beatrice Moore, since finishing A Taste for Scandal. The wait is no more! Flirting with Fortune by Erin Knightley is all about the spirited Lady Beatrice Moore.

16056370Lady Beatrice Moore is sneaky. Sneaky in a fun way. She likes to know what is going on at all times and has spent her youthful years developing her quiet sneaky ways. She cannot stand fortune hunters and has a way of spotting them quickly. However as wonderfully sneaky she is, her true passion and love is painting. Painting is what keeps Bea full of life and zest. Her idol is the late Sir Frederick Tate and loves all his works.

Sir Colin Tate is the eldest son to the great painter. He is a barrister in training and doing all he can to keep things afloat for his gran and younger siblings. He finally comes out of his studying whole when he is told that his late father mortgaged everything to the hilt and if the debts are not paid his family will lose everything. Colin resigns to coming out into society to find a wife that wants a title in exchange for her money.

Bea and Colin meet quietly in a gallery not knowing one another. There is an instant chemistry and easiness between the two. When Bea discovers that Colin is the her idols eldest son she is awe struck. With a simple introduction to keep things formal a friendship is born and they both become enamored in a fast amount of time. The relationship is progressing until Beatrice learns that Colin may not be all he presented himself to be. How did she not see this coming? Can Colin help her see that the secret between should not destroy the future that could be?

I enjoyed this book and have been waiting to see what happens to Beatrice. She has been a force in the two previous book in this series, so it was fun to read her happily ever after. This was wonderful story of two real people. Ms. Knightley does a wonderful job creating characters that you could easily believe to be your friends or even yourself. I was submerged into this story with it’s wonderful banter and mysterious elements. The family dynamic is huge part of this story as it was with the other stories in this series. This is a fun summer read that could be read a standalone, but I think you’ll enjoy the story more if you go back and start with More Than a Stranger.

A big thank you to Erin Knightley for sending me an ARC for an honest review.

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-Romance Reader Girl