Author Interview: Grace Burrowes

Oh my goodness Readers, today I have the fabulous Grace Burrowes on the blog. I know you cannot see me but I super giddy and doing my happy dance. I have been fascinated with her stories when I picked up The Heir, book one in the Windham series. Ms. Burrowes’ writing is amazing and it is addicting. Once you start reading a series you devour it. It’s like cake but with no calories (even better!). 🙂

RRG: What made you decide to write and publish your amazing stories?
GB: I’ve been a voracious reader of romance for decades. When my daughter left home, the story ideas started appearing in my head, and at a point when my keeper authors hit a simultaneous lull, I decided I’d try writing one of those stories. I’ve never had a TV in my house, so I had plenty of time to write. Writing is the best fun I’ve come across, so I hope many more books are in my future.

The publishing part was an afterthought, when enough friends and family had nudged me about it, and I had a couple dozen completed manuscripts. “Oh, why not give it a try?” says me. That was three yeas ago…

RRG: I’ve read you come from a big family; did this influence the Windham Family series?
GB: I’m sure it did, if for no other reason than I needed a series long enough to dedicate a book to each of my siblings and to my daughter. I’ve written smaller-family series, but with a big family, you have time to get to know each sibling, and to find the cross-currents and subtle connections. You can see each family member, especially the parents, from many different perspectives, and that creates all kind of possibilities for plot twists, secondary characters, and resonance between books. Starting off with a long series also let me focus on characterization rather than re-discovering the Windham’s world from book to book, because the family brought some of the same world from book to book.

11214727RRG: Speaking of the Windham’s, Valentine is one of my all-time favorite heroes, what inspired his character?
GB: Individuation is one trait that characterizes a big family, at least in my experience. No two siblings in my family have the same profession or live in the same part of the country. Valentine Windham used the piano to carve out an identity different from his siblings, particularly different from his swashbuckling oldest brothers (Bart and St. Just), his bookish and lawyerly next brother (Westhaven), and his charming next brother (Victor). His musical proficiency became his identity, the only thing people noticed about him, and the only thing he thought he had to give other people—his sword and his shield, so to speak.

I hid on a piano bench between the ages of ten and twenty, to the point that I could support myself through college accompanying ballet classes, teaching piano, and playing at wedding receptions and class reunions. I spent hours and hours and hours on the piano bench, associated only with musicians, and saw myself ending up with a PhD in music history.

Ha. My back began to hurt, musicians can be an odd lot, and the academic hurdles between me and a PhD were large (student loan-large). I turned my back on music, and headed for political science, which was the straightest path to college graduation…. This decision was equal parts grief and relief, but also bewildering from an identity standpoint. When it came time to torture Valentine as a hero, I knew exactly what to do. Eventually, he knew what to do too!

RRG: What does your family think of your writing?
GB: Their attitude has been, “Well, of course you’re published. You always could write well.” In other words, supportive but mostly clueless. This is probably common for writers. My mother (age 90) has read some of my romances, and tells me in all sincerity, “You know, you could write real books if you really wanted too.” Yes, mama.

RRG: What do you like to read?
GB: I have my keeper authors, still: Joanna Bourne, Jennifer Ashley, Judith Ivory, Julie Anne Long, Tessa Dare, Carolyn Jewel, Meredith Duran, Mary Balogh, Loretta Chase, JR Ward, and others, but I also love to read biography and period sources. The early modern British writer strikes me as having a verve and command of written self-expression that I haven’t found elsewhere.

RRG: Is there a genre you’d like to try but haven’t yet?
GB: Mystery. I’m an avid fan of Charles Finch’s Charles Lennox mysteries, which are set in the High Victorian, and are a pure delight to read or listen to (we have the same audio narrator, James Langton, who is a genius). Those have led me to other mysteries, and particularly if there’s a romantic element to the tale, I gobble them up.

RRG: Can you tell us about your latest series set in Scotland?
GB: The MacGregor Family series focuses on the tribulations and true loves of the Earl of Balfour, his siblings and extended family, and has been a pure delight to write. It’s set in Scotland in the early 1850s, when Victoria and Albert were enjoying Balmoral Castle with their brood. The change of scene has been great fun, spending time in Scotland even greater fun. The third book in the series comes out in February, “The MacGregor’s Lady,” and the fourth will be my 2014 Christmas tale, “What a Lady Wants for Christmas.”

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Quote: “Be kind, tell the truth.” Ram Dass
Season: Autumn
Place you’ve been: Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland (beautiful river, lots of big trees, laddies in kilts, whiskey, and tablet, (a kind of whiskey flavored fudge))
Time of day: dawn
Animal: Impossible to choose between a horse and a cat, though dogs are lovely too, bunnies have a lot to recommend them, cows are delightful, goats entertaining, sheep sweet, and pigs thoughtful. Then there are the raccoons, possums, and skunks who visit my porch regularly, and well, I love animals. No need to choose.

I would like to thank Grace for taking time out of her schedule to top stop today. Readers, if you haven’t read any of her books just pick one up and start reading it. You will love it and want to read all her books. -RRG

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You can find the The Windham Family Series, The MacGregor’s and The Lonely Lord Series on AMAZON and B&N.

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My Top Reads for 2013, Part 2

Here is part two of my favorite reads for 2013. In case you are new to this blog I have a reading obsession with Historical Romances. What can I say? I love the setting of Regency and Victorian England with happily ever afters. I am working in more contemporary and paranormal for 2014 but 2013 was the year of Historical Romances.

18012643A Taylor-Made Life by Kary Rader: Tissue Alert! This book requires tissues and time. I am not going to lie, this book is about two young people with cancer. Now don’t turn away, it’s a great story full of romance, laughs, hope and yes, sadness.  Still wanting to run? There is a sequel planned. Now what book with the leading characters that have cancer have a sequel? Not many. You’ll enjoy this read, I promise.


perf5.000x8.000.inddThe Letter by Sandra Owens: I have been telling anyone that will listen to me about The Letter. This is one of my favorite, favorite books. I find, Ms. Owens to be a words smith and writes emotion so well. You will want to cry and laugh. Let me tell you any author that can have a three-legged cat and rabbit steal the show is pretty amazing!



16056420Lady in Red by Maire Claremont: A deliciously dark Victorian romance is what you get when reading this book. Ms. Claremont does a wonderful job creating a setting that seems like the only way out is to fight. Her characters have an emotional depth that pulls you in wanting to know more about them. I felt this book was about taking back your identity and fighting for what’s right. The road is hard but worth every hard step.



Darius: Lord of Pleasures by Grace Burrowes: This story stirred many emotions for me. It’s about a woman who wants a child and her husband is not able to help in that area. He husband finds a man willing to get the job done and a relationship is formed. It’s a slow romantic build and the ending is surprising and yes you will need tissues. Ms. Burrowes knows how to write a story that doesn’t allow you to put it down.


15778717Sweet Madness by Heather Snow: Conquering demons is the theme of this story. The H/h in this book are trying to fight through their demons by helping others and hiding. Ms. Snow does a fabulous job drawing you into the story and to the characters. You feel the emotional pain and triumphs the characters endure. A powerful read.



81FVqrfzr5L._SL1500_Desire Wears Diamonds by Renee Bernard: I have waited for what seems like forever to find out who was the Jackal that plagued the Jaded. It was an exciting conclusion to a fabulous series. Can I say having all six of the Jaded men in one story was aaaamazing and worth the wait. There is a quite a bit of action with all the usual Renee Bernard flare she puts into her stories. 



15839962If You Give a Rake a Ruby by Shana Galen: What I found great about this book and series is that not everything or everyone is as they seem. Ms. Galen gives her characters a depth that you don’t see until you really get into this book. She then begins to peal layers off and we see the characters for who they really hard. It’s wonderful! This book had mystery, suspense, romance, heat and humor. It was great!


16056370Flirting with Fortune by Erin Knightley: This was wonderful story of two real-like people. Ms. Knightley does a wonderful job creating characters that you could easily believe to be your friends or even yourself. I was submerged into this story with it’s wonderful banter and mysterious elements. When reading her stories I feel so happy and when having a rough time I always know Erin Knightley’s books will put a smile on my face.


I read so many fabulous books during my book challenge that I probably could post two additional blog post about them but then they wouldn’t be my top picks. If you have time this weekend pick up one of these books, I know you won’t be disappointed.

To my fellow American friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. To my friends around the world enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy your weekend. I hope you all find time to get some reading in.

-Romance Reader Girl

Pre-Release Review: Beckman (Lonely Lords #4) by Grace Burrowes

Secrets, secrets, secrets is what Beckman by Grace Burrowes is about. Everyone has a secret to keep not just their secret but others as well.


Sara Hunt is a master of secrets. She has had her fair share, but as long as she is a housekeeper of a run down estate no one will know her secrets. Sara is a strong independent woman who has to take control of ugly situations trying to make the best life for herself, daughter Allie and sister Polly. However, having these secrets weighs her down with guilt she wears daily.

Beckman Haddonfield is a troubled second son of an Earl. He spent his early twenties self-indulging after his young wife and child dies. He nearly kills himself as he feels he isn’t worth anything and no one cares about him. He finds his way back to the living (after big brother Nicholas rescues him) and will embrace the journey of doing what’s right. Luckily for him his step-grandmother has an estate that needs to be looked after, so to the country he goes to make things right.

When Beckman meets Sara he is intrigued by her resistance to say things, but see she wants to say them. He notices that there is a lot that isn’t being said around the house and it isn’t just Sara that is keeping her lips sealed. When he finds the bright light of Allie painting she tells Beckman she isn’t supposed to be paining and it’s a secret.  Secrets is the name of the game and they aren’t the only ones hiding secrets. Beckman  has his fair share, but a house of secrets is a lot like a house of cards… It only takes one secret to be reveled before they all tumble out…

I found this love story to be very romantic and sweet among all the secrets. The secrets that everyone are keeping are to help protect one another. It’s a circle of secrets to keep their love ones protected and happy. Beckman is a true Haddonfield (if you have followed this series Ethan and Nicholas are his brothers), romantic and truly loves to help and protect woman of all ages. He is a sweetheart with Sara encouraging her to trust him and believe in him. Also, Beckman is a good friend to Gabriel, who has his own sets of secrets. The secondary characters in this story I believe steal the show. They are fun and a great addition to the story. Waiting for the all the secretes to be revealed is fun and will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a great story about trusting in people you care about to trust in yourself.

Beckman will be available on July 2, 2013, but you can pre-order now on Amazon.

You can read more books by Grace Burrowes by visiting Amazon or Barnes Noble.

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Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this book pre-release.

-Romance Reader Girl

Review: Nicholas (Lonely Lords #2) by Grace Burrowes

If Grace Burrowes doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you must make a note to remember that name and then go buy her books. I made my acquaintance with the talented Grace Burrowes when I read The Heir part of the Windham series. Which after that book I devoured all the books she had available. I love each and everyone of them. I have found that all of Grace’s books have emotions that run deep; whether it be laughter or sorrow she writes emotion very well. I know when I pick up a Grace Burrowes’ book I am going to love it.

Below is my review for Nicholas by Grace Burrowes

Nicholas Haddonfield, Viscount Reston is a blond handsome giant on the hunt for a bride, due to the wish of his dying father. Nicholas is not a saint and has a colorful past, that he does not talk about. He knows he must marry, but he does not wish to have true union but a white marriage.

Lady Leah Lindsey is on the shelf with a scandalous past. Her father cannot stand to be in the same room with her and wants nothing more to marry her off the first chance he gets. She feels she is a burden to her brothers and all she wants is to be loved and love another with no shame or heartache.

In a dark corner hiding for different reasons Nicholas and Leah meet and share a kiss. That secret kiss stirs something within Nicolas that he needs to be this Lady’s champion. However, secrets, shame and pride will make it hard for both to come together in a perfect union. But if there is love, there is a way…

I really enjoyed this book. Nicholas is a sweetheart and he loves to love people. He is a big man with an even bigger heart and that heart is full of emotion. Leah is a practical woman that tells it how it is, which is refreshing. I always enjoy books that involves a big family dynamic and this book delivers that fun dynamic. It takes you into the pages and you enjoy being in those moments.

Oh and Lord Valentine Windham (Virtuoso) is in this book as a close friend to Nicholas. And any book that has Lord Val in it is makes this ready very happy! 🙂

I look forward to the next book in this series, Ethan (half brother to Nicholas).

You can purchase Nicholas and other books by Grace Burrowes on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Reach out to Grace Burrowes by visiting her website or Facebook page.

Happy Reading!
-Romance Reader Girl