Review: Love on a Midsummer Night (Shakespeare in Love #2) by Christy English

This is the first book I have read by Christy English. I love her take on the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Nights Dream and adding a Regency flair to it.

15942620Raymond Oliver, Earl of Pembroke has loved with his whole heart and soul but that loved he feared was never returned. It was a farce played by a beautiful young woman. He has spent the past ten years trying to get that long rooted love out of his heart. Though war and living a rogues life he has not unrooted that love from his heart. When the young woman he loved all those years ago comes to him and is in trouble will Lord Pembroke take the chance of helping the only woman he has ever loved or will he walk away?

Arabella, Duchess of Hawthorne is now a widow at 27. She has spent the last ten years in a marriage that was not of her choice and now she is free from it. Arabella never wants to be inferior to a man. Her fathers abuse kept her silent after her mother died and sent her into a marriage with a 60 year old man. She no longer believes in love, for what she knew of love died long ago when her father stripped of the love and happiness she once had. Arabella wants to spend the rest of her days living alone and not having to answer to anyone. However, being left alone isn’t in the cards for Arabella. The new Duke has plans for her so she must flee with the help from someone she never suspected, Lord Pembroke the man she thought she would spend forever with.

I really enjoyed watching Arabella and Raymond fall in love again. Ms. English writes love and romance very poetically. It is hard to not fall for Lord Pembroke as he realizes that Arabella will always be that girl for him. I enjoyed the secondary characters in this story. Raymond’s mistress Titania is refreshing and Arabella best friend Angelique is fierce. The cast of characters adds a lot to the story. Of course, the Shakespearian take on A Midsummer Nights Dream adds a delightful spin to a regency romance.

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-Romance Reader Girl