Review: Unleashed (The Amoveo Legend #1) by Sara Humphreys

Readers, have you noticed my reviews have been about Historical Romance stories? It is obvious I have slight addiction, ok maybe more like an obsession, but sometimes you just need to step away from the rakes and rogues and read something new. And thanks to a fabulous friend I did just that and read Unleashed by Sara Humphreys and I am so happy I did!


Samantha Jane Logan is an artist living in New York City that has been haunted by the same of dreams. In her dreams there is a man, but she can never quite see who he is, but she is drawn to him. Her life in NYC is just not going as she pleases, with theses intense dreams creeping in every night she longs for and sense she needs to be there. Samantha packs her VW Red Bug and heads home to Rhode Island and back to the comforts of her childhood home, with her Nonie (grandmother).

Malcolm Drew is an Amoveo of the Eagle Clan. He is devastatingly handsome and has been waiting for Samantha to come home and to him. Malcolm has been waiting for what seems forever for his mate to return, so they can bond or he will risk losing his powers and eventually his life. He is drawn by the force that is Samantha, but he is at a disadvantage as his mate has no idea what she is and what they are to one another. Can Malcolm convince her of what and who she is for them to bond, before all is lost?

The fascinating world of Amoveo have ten clans that have been around just as long or longer than humans. There are ten clans among the Amoveo; bears, coyotes, eagles, foxes, gryfalcon, lions, tigers and wolf, but the wolf clan is nearly extinct. Samantha is the last of the Wolf Clan and she is a hybrid being half human as well. Malcolm spends a good part of the story telling Samantha about he Amoveo. It is important to understand the history to understand why their mating and love is so strong and hypnotic. Samantha learns a lot of fun interesting characteristics the Amoveo have, but along with the fun there is danger lurking about. She is informed that it isn’t just peace harmony for Amoveo kind. The Caedo is a group of people that have made it their mission in life to kill hybrids like Samantha.  Samantha is at crossroads; she is being pulled to Malcolm at a magnetic pace, but she doesn’t want to lose herself and further more it is hard to accept that she is half wolf. On the heals of trying to understand and accept all these crazy developments there is the Caedo trying to kill her, which would mean killing Malcolm as well.

I really enjoyed this book. This is a whole new world for me and I like it. There is a true love story here with amazing depth characters that grow on you through out the story. The secondary characters are fun as well. Nonie, Samantha’s Grandmother is witty and a spitfire much like Samantha and adds a warmth to the story. Davis, Malcolm’s butler is more than just a butler he is a friend and knows Malcolm history. He reminds me of the awesome Alfred, Batman’s butler. We meet a few of Malcolm’s shifter friends; a fox, coyote and gryfalcon. Which I am sure they will have stories to come. Also, the Prince known as Richard the wise one. Theses characters add to the over depth of the story. Like I said this is love story that is full of steamy scenes, and there is a mystery as well!  I will be reading the next book in the series very soon to learn more about what is going on with Amoveo clans.

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-Romance Reader Girl