Review: Desire Wears Diamonds (Jaded Gentleman #6), by Renee Bernard

Happy Monday Readers,

I can say that I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER to read Desire Wears Diamonds. Renee Bernard’s final book in the Jaded Series comes to riveting conclusion.

**Readers, you can read this story as a standalone, but I ENCOURAGE you to start at the very beginning with Revenge Wears Rubies. You will be so happy you did!** 


Michael Rutherford has been known as the gentle giant of the Jaded. From the beginning he has appointed himself as the protector of the his fellow Jaded brothers. He has vowed to protect them from the evils that could befall them, when leaving India and returning to England. As the twist and turns have led the Jaded on a bumpy exciting ride, Michael has been at the forefront helping his fellow brothers through what evil is waiting. Finally, after three years of the Jaded being taunted Michael is ready to face the Jackal and put an end to the games he has put the gentleman through. However, nothing is ever that simple when facing the Jackal. Michael will be tested beyond all measures to save his fellow brothers, the woman he has fallen in love with and himself. Can he protect everyone as he has vowed to protect without losing himself?

Grace Porter lives a double life. By day she is the quiet spinster taking care of her elder brother’s home, just living an ordinary existence. By night she is a writer, feverishly writing stories about pirates in a mythical underworld. Her one dream is to leave her brother’s cold house, live on her own and write to her hearts content; leaving the harsh words of her brother behind and living in her mythical writing world. However, plans are going to change for Grace when Michael Rutherford appears in her drawing room one afternoon asking questions about her brother. She is consumed by him and is intrigued by his mysterious presence. Can Grace resists the force that is Michael Rutherford to live her dream of living on her own and writing?

We have been waiting from the start of this captivating series for the Jackal to be revealed (Sorry folks, you’re going to have to read the book to figure it out!) and we are not left wondering for long, as Ms. Bernard’s gives it up early in the story. Though true to form the Jaded will not have an easy go at him and we are left nail biting to the very end. There are moments where the brotherhood of the Jaded is tested and you are left breathless thinking it might be end of their friendship. In the midst of trying to take down the Jackal; Michael and Grace being to build a foundation for a wonderful friendship that blooms into a lovely passionate relationship.

Michael is truly funny. I don’t think we ever get to see how funny he is in the other stories, with all the other guys talking over him, but he is hilarious. That was such a treat for me. Funny and gentle as he is there was a moment in this book were I stopped and said, “Michael Rutherford is a badass and it’s hot!”

Oh and Grace, what can I say? She has the best wit and one-liners ever. She stole my heart and truth be known, I want to be Grace when I grow up.

All the boys are in this book, in the same room at the same time and you can’t help but snicker when they are bantering back and forth. It’s the true brotherhood that has kept this reader coming back from the start. It’s contagious and you feel like you are one of the Jaded. Ashe (his story- Seduction Wears Sapphires) plays a big role in this story and I have to admit that he has grown on me and I adored him in this story. We see all the characters that we have loved from the start and it is like coming home.

Ms. Bernard does a wonderful job wrapping up this series and you are left with no questions of what is happening with all the characters of the beloved Jaded. I am not going to lie, as I am a huge fan of this series I was excited and sad to see it come to an end. I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this book and it was well worth the wait. By far one of my favorites series and books. Well done!

Oh, there is a bonus, Readers! At the end we get to read a penny novel written by A.R. Crimson. I really enjoyed it, as it is the center of Grace’s world.

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