Sandra Owens is going to be releasing a regency novella this summer. Below is what Sandra posted on her Facebook page.

The first book I sold was a Regency, THE LETTER. In it, the Duke of Aubrey and his duchess made an appearance. I’ve had so many requests for Christian’s story, that I’m writing it now – it will be a novella and a toe in the water of self-publishing. Yikes! Scary, that. Here’s a teaser.

The consequences of writing a simple note upon awaking, asking him to call on her, had turned out to be far beyond her expectations. Instead of a short conversation explaining her situation with as few details as possible, she had told him everything, become a woman in truth in his arms, and now he was on his knees offering marriage.
Perhaps she should go have a lie down. Yes, a nice nap might be just the thing. But he loved her, he’d said. Did anything other than that matter?
Yes, there was one thing. “I very much doubt I’ll be an obedient wife.”

If you want to meet the Duke of Aubrey read The Letter and The Training of a Marquess. Two of my favorite historicals. And of course don’t forget about Sandra’s contemporary K2 series. You can buy Ms. Owens book on Amazon.

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-Romance Reader Girl