Review: Once Upon a Duke by Eva Devon

Book Blurb: Everything is going swimmingly for Kathryn Darrell. She’s got an annuity of a hundred thousand a year, her lecherous-heart breaking husband has had the good graces to pop off, and best of all, she has her freedom– Something she has every intention of reveling in to the fullest. And who better to revel with than Ryder Blake, the infamous Duke of Darkwell?

A Duke’s Desire:
Ryder Blake, Duke of Darkwell, known as the Duke of Debauchery, is certain he will never love again. His heart lies buried with his wife and he has vowed to never give more than his body to a woman. But when Kathryn shows up on his doorstep, quite literally, demanding he show her the ways of London, he finds that his heart longs to love once again.

Thoughts: Holy Smokes, this was a laugh out loud read and I loved it.  Ms. Devon takes a look at the other side of the Ton. The side where the rules can be bent a little. Kathryn (Kate) Darrell is a widow that was left in the country while her husband made a spectacle of himself in London. When he dies, Kate goes to London to take control of her life and experience things she had been missing out on while in the country. Kate decides Ryder Blake the Duke of Darkwell will be the perfect person to help her experience what she has been missing. Ryder is a lonely sad widower that misses his wife everyday and believes he deserves not to live a happy life. When Kate seeks out Ryder sparks ignite and the chase begins. I love the dialogue between Kate and Ryder. There are moments that are truly laugh out and chemistry between Kate and Ryder is fantastic. This is a great love story where rules are broken and the characters are enjoying every minute. Also, the cast of characters are amazing and I hope they each get their own books.

Oooh might I add Eva Devon is also known as Maire Claremont. Fabulous!!!

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***I received a copy of this book for an honest review.***

-Romance Reader Girl