Review: Out of Breath (Breathing #3) Rebecca Donovan

Readers, on Monday evening I sat by my Kindle waiting for 9pm to roll around. I was waiting for the last book in the Breathing series by Rebecca Donovan to be auto delivered. I have been waiting more than year to read the ending of this power emotional series. On Monday evening I started it and finished it on Tuesday. I was absolutely paralyzed by all the emotions I felt while reading the ending to a captivating series.


*Please note this is not a standalone book and the three books in this trilogy must be read in order. With this being said, there could be spoilers (I will try hard not to add them) in this review, but please continue to read and read this series, it will change your life.*

This book is about young adults facing the hard truths that happen in life. We have choices and sometimes those choices affect people we care about. Emma Thomas is running away from those who love her. Running away she feels will save them from the pain she will cause them. However, she does not realize that running away causes more pain and damage than staying and fighting through the pain and emotional scars. She runs from Connecticut to California blocking out the people that care the most and really blocking out her feelings. She is a shell of herself. Emma is getting by with the help of her new friends, but they don’t understand or truly know her. A tragedy throws her into a spiral and back home to Connecticut where she is faced with the one she hurt the most, Evan Mathews.

Evan Mathews is the young man that has loved Emma from the first moment he laid eyes on her in an art class. Two years ago she walked away from him as he laid beaten to a pulp and didn’t look back. He has been trying to understand why and what happened to his Emma over the past two years, and what made her leave and destroy his heart and life. Emma isn’t the only one that has to face dragons, Evan has as well.

Emma and Evan are faced to deal with their demons and try to figure out what they want in life. Both have a story they need to share with one another before they can move on in life, either as a couple or separately.  Evan will do everything within his power and life to help her realize she needs to breath, live, love and be loved. They both will have to truly open up and be honest about what happened the night Emma left Evan lying in a pool of  blood and what has happened to both since that night. Can the raw truth of the past and forgiveness help them build a relationship or with the truth be too painful having them break apart forever?

“Every breath I breathe is because of you. Even when your weren’t there to save me, you were my reason to breathe. And for that I will always love you. Always.”

I knew Rebecca Donovan was going to put me through hell while reading this book. I told myself it was going to be emotional and prepared myself for the emotional roller coaster I would be put through. The reality is, I was not prepared for the emotions that I would experience. This series is powerful and as corny as it sounds you are left breathless. I was put through an emotional roller coast and left in a book coma, I loved it. It was everything and nothing that I thought it would be. This series and book is amazing and will be one I encourage everyone to read. The power of healing and forgiving oneself is the hardest thing to do, but in ordered to be loved and love you must do it.

Rebecca Donovan thank you for writing a series and book that will change the lives of so many people, as it did mine.

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-Romance Reader Girl