Review: Seven Minutes in Devon by Catherine Gayle

I always enjoy finding new authors to read. Seven Minutes in Devon is the first book I’ve read by Catherine Gayle, but it will not be my last.

See my review below for Seven Minutes in Devon:


Three years ago Aiden Cardiff and Emma Hathaway were present when Aiden’s sister, Lady Morgan tried to kill herself. From that moment on Aiden blamed Emma for every suicidal attempt Lady Morgan tried. However, Emma never did aid Lady Morgan in anyway to kill herself, it is was just easier to place blame on a person that wasn’t around.

 Three years has past since that terrible afternoon and now Aiden and Emma are forced to attend a house part given by Emma’s sister and brother-in-law, Lord and Lady Burington, which mind you Lord Burington aka David is Aiden’s childhood best friend. Emma is at this house party to find a husband. Aiden and Lady Morgan are there to reemerge themselves into society. Since Aiden cannot stand Emma he should have no problem staying away from her, right? How hard can it be for Emma to find a husband? 

 Sometimes, one needs to confront the past to move onto the future.

 I really enjoyed this book. Aiden is dark and the brooding type. He really detest Emma for no reason, and normally that would make me not like him very much, but when he realized that maybe he’s being a bit too rough on Emma he becomes a likable guy. It’s hard not to like a guy when loves his sister so much. 

 Emma is a strong heroine. She doesn’t sit idly by and let things happen to her. She goes out and takes action. She often is saving someone without even realizing it. She is bookish and witty and I love her stance for the underdog. She considers herself to be an outcast so she takes it personally when anyone someone is being bullied. Emma is a young lady I would love more or today’s ladies to emulate. 

I look forward to the next book in this series.

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-Romance Reader Girl