Review: Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed by Anna Campbell

What rock have I been living under!? Why is this the first story I’ve read by Anna Campbell!? I loved it! A big thank you to my fellow blogger (Carol you are fabulous!!) for sending me this wonderful story!

Take a man that has been heavily scarred physically and emotionally and enter a fierce young women willing to protect her sister and young nephews and you have an emotional, passionate, enthralling romance story.

13512914Jonas Merrick is a dark wealthy man living in a gothic manor as a loner. He has been scarred in many ways and betrayed by his family. His purpose is to get revenge on those who have done him wrong. As sweet as revenge taste it is a lonely life.

Sidonie Forsythe is a young woman who cannot stand by and watch her sister, Roberta and nephews be tortured by her brother-in-law anymore. When Roberta cannot pay the gambling debts owed to Mr. Merrick, Sidonie offers herself as payment; knowing that if her brother-in-law were to find that Roberta had lost the sum of money she would probably pay with her life. Sidonie is off to the gothic manor to sacrifice herself to Mr. Jonas Merrick.

When Jonas meets the fierce Sidonie he is intrigued by her forthcoming attitude and innocence. She makes it very clear why she is there and what she intends to do for the night. Oh, but Jonas has other ideas when he realizes that one night with this spitfire will not be enough. What happens in seven days will change both of their lives….

Ms. Campbell is a new author for me and I LOVED this story. She creates a dark world that can only be altered by light of love. There is a lot of scars for both Jonas and Sidonie. When we learn what Jonas has gone through your heart breaks for the boy he was and understand why he is the man he is. Sidnoie is strong and does what she must do to protect her sister and nephews. This story was dark, passionate and emotional. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. You will be laughing, crying, cursing and feeling hot when you read this story- it really is that good!

Anna Campbell is now an auto-buy author and I look forward to going back and reading all her other stories.

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