Review: The Heiress Effect (Brothers Sinister #2) by Courtney Milan

Counting all the ways I enjoyed The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan the second book in the Brothers Sinister series.

134899221. Miss Jane Fairfield is not the typical young heiress; she likes pushing the boundaries in everything she does. Dressing in bright colors and lots of lace she says whatever comes mind, not caring if it is proper or not. She will push those boundaries as long as it prevents her from marrying and keeping her sister safe for another 400+ days.

2. Oliver Marshall is a man that refuses society to push him down because he was born on the wrong side of the blanket. He is fighting for the rights of the people. He wants to be Prime Minister one day and is on his way to doing so. He needs to find all the right pieces to the puzzle to make his dream come true; including a political wife.

3. When Oliver sees Jane he is appalled by her dress and shocking manners. He notices that underneath all that lace there is a smart clever woman hiding. Jane is attracted to Oliver, but knows that marriage is not in her cards and says appalling things to keep him at bay. However, these two outcasts are drawn together and are on fire. Though, Oliver knows that Jane will not help his chances in becoming Prime Minster as she is as bright as star he cannot stop thinking about her. Will Oliver and Jane realize that they are the matching pieces to their puzzle?

4. Ms. Milan does it again. This story was fantastic. It’s nice to read about two people that don’t have titles and are not “perfect” according to societies rules. I enjoyed how bright and brilliant Jane was. She was a breath of fresh air to read about and Oliver is a sweet smart man that wants to do right by the everyday person. Of course, the secondary characters in this book are wonderful. Sebastian and Violet are very mysterious and Ms. Milan gives the reader a sneak peek at the third book (which is going to be awesome!!). OH and their is a bonus in this story as Emily, Jane’s younger sister has a secret of her own she is hiding.

Ms. Milan is an auto-buy author as she continues to writes wonderful historical romances. You you can purchase The Heiress Effect and other books by Courtney Milan on Amazon or B&N.

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-Romance Reader Girl