Review: Obsession Wears Opals by Renee Bernard

I have read Obsession Wears Opals four times, and each time I have loved it. My book club wanted to read this book, so I was happy to read it for the fourth time. If you like historical romance I encourage to read Renee Bernard’s books. They have it all; danger, love, humor, action, intimacy and steamy scenes.

Enjoy my review below for Obsession Wears Opals.

If you ever thought a bookworm or scholar wasn’t sexy, Darius Thorne, in Obsession Wears Opals will change your mind. AND might I add you will never look at the game of chess the same way again. 

Renee Bernard’s fifth book in the Jaded series delivers with all the spectacular excitement and sensual intense love as the previous books. Darius Thorne is a bookworm/scholar working on the puzzle the Jaded find themselves in, when he is distracted by a woman who has had her soul beaten from her, and Darius thus begins a new puzzle… Saving Isabel. If you’re looking for a story that isn’t the same old same old historical romance, I encourage you to read Obsession Wears Opals. You will not be disappointed, but empowered by Isabel and Darius, they are a pair not to ignore. AND…I can guarantee there is a moment in the book where you will say, “That’s a game changer!”. 

I cannot mention the Jaded without talking about the BOYS! Every time I read about the Jaded, I feel like I’m walking into Rowan’s Brownstone and enjoying the vibe in the room. I giggle when they banter, because you can feel the love and admiration these men have for one another. BONUS!…Their wives have formed the same kind of sentiment. One of my favorite things about the Jaded is you feel like you are one of them just by reading these books.


I always finish reading Renee Bernard’s books with a smile, because I had a great time reading it! I hope you do too!

Have you read any of Renee Bernard’s books? If so which one is your favorite? You can find Obsession Wears Opals and other books in the Jaded Series by going to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

You can reach out to Renee Bernard via her website or Facebook page.

-Romance Reader Girl