Review: Lady Vivian Defies a Duke by Samantha Grace (Beau Monde # 4)

It’s amazing what a book or a series of books can do for ones own constitution. Last week, I needed to escape from what was happening in my reality. I read the Beau Monde series by Samantha Grace. It made me giggle when I so desperately needed it. My review is for the latest book in the series Lady Vivian Defies a Duke. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more books by Samantha Grace.


Lady Vivian Worth is a vibrant adventurous young woman who has been left out in the country to stay out of trouble. Vivian seeks adventure, friendship and love.  Due to a misunderstanding she is ignored by her peers in the country. She feels ashamed and does not want to bring a dark shadow to her family; especially her brother. 

Luke Forest, Duke of Foxhaven is a man with big shoes to fill. He isn’t ready to face the reality and assume the responsibilities that are his birthright. He rather seek adventure away from England. Running and seeking adventure may help keep a secret from an accident that makes certain tasks hard to accomplish. Tasks that make taking full control of his birthright difficult.

Luke does not want to marry, especially a woman that his father has arranged to marry. However, he must meet his intended to discuss and break the contract. He goes to visit Vivian while she is at her cousins house and discovers that this vibrant young women may be all the adventure he needs. Both Luke and Vivian struggle with secrets and wanting to be enough for each other. Can these two trust their own instincts and hearts to have a life full of love and adventure?

I really enjoyed this book. Luke is the guy we want our daughters (my future daughter anyway) to marry. He encourages Vivian’s bright inner star to shine and not be ashamed of it. Vivian gives Luke the courage to be the man he is always meant to be. It is a love match for the books. This happily ever after will have you laughing and as you turn the pages. Of course, every good story has a villain and Samantha Grace doesn’t stop short there either! Did I mention this was book four in a series? You’ll want to go back and read the first three as well. Luke’s brother, Lord Andrew is just one of the characters you’ll fall for.

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-Romance Reader Girl