Hello & Welcome

Hello Readers,

Welcome to Romance Reader Girl’s blog. If you haven’t guessed I am a fan of romance stories. I love romance books. There! I said it! I read all kinds of romance stories, but my favorite is Historical Romance. This blog is about celebrating the authors and books we love. I plan on posting my thoughts about books I’ve read, and encourage you to add your thoughts and opinions too. Also, I hope to have some of my favorite and new authors pop in and say, “Hello”!

Welcome! Grab a mug of coffee, glass of wine, cup of tea or a bottle of water and lets start reading and chatting about romance!

-Romance Reader Girl


7 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome

  1. I’m so excited for this!! I think you are perfect for a romance blog. I can’t wait to follow along and find some new reads!!

    Yay Girl!!


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