*Book Blitz * Giveaway * Review* Lady Falls by Renee Bernard

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Hi Readers, I have exciting news! Renee Bernard has a NEW historical series and book out today!! I was one of the lucky few that got a sneak preview. See my thoughts below. I am giving away a FREE Amazon copy of the book so leave your email in the comments and you could win Lady Falls.

My Thoughts: Holy Smokes this book is not your mama’s typical historical romance. I can’t say too many things or this will be a huge spoiler review (which I hate) so I am going to keep it as simple as I can. Ms. Bernard has created a story/series that is outside the normal historical romances boxes. Her heroine Raven Wells, is not the simpering miss or wallflower, oh no, she is a young lady that expresses her wants and takes action when action is needed. The story is great and there are moments when you say to yourself, “That’s a game changer.” or “Did that just happen?” The end–OMG–the end! OK, I need to stop before I give anything away.

This is the first book in a series. Second book, Lady Rises will be out in July and the last book, Lady Triumphs will be out in August. We don’t have to wait long for the follow ups. BONUS–This book is on sale for $0.99!

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Blog Tour: Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

Maire Claremont THE DARK AFFAIR tour banner Hi Readers- Have you had the chance to read Delilah Mervelle’s newest release? If not, you should go out and buy it NOW and read it. You will be so happy you did. Ms. Marvelle is an auto-buy author for me because no matter what is going on in my life I can read one of her stories and be completely engrossed. Delilah is giving away a $5 Amazon gift card. Please leave a comment with your email. Thanks!

EXCERPT“Who painted all of the new additions in the room?” she finally asked. “I did,” he offered from behind, his low voice surprisingly close. Too close. She turned and stumbled toward him, realizing his boots were standing on the hem of her gown. “What—” His large hands jumped to her corseted waist as he stepped off the hem. “Forgive me.” Tightening his hold on the curve of her waist, he lowered his head to hers. “I was admiring your perfume. It’s…” He searched her face, his mouth softening. “How are you?” He lingered, his large hands skimming and then tightening on her waist. He heatedly lowered his gaze to her lips. He leaned in closer, the scent of freshly starched linen and his hair tonic piercing the air between them.  She froze, fully aware that his arms were not only drawing her body against his own muscled frame but that his rugged face was hovering above her own face. His lips edged down toward hers. The scent of spiced ginger from his mouth now teased the remaining space between them.   Heaven forbid he unleash what he was holding in and kiss her. She’d be pregnant in a day. She slapped both hands over her mouth, bumping his arms and kept her palms firmly and rigidly in place. So he had no access to her lips. At all. He stilled, the heat of his mouth grazing her forehead. “Are you trying to be adorable?” he rasped. “Or is this your way of telling me you’re not interested?”

About Delilah Marvelle: Delilah Marvelle is the winner of the Reviewer’s Choice for Best Sensual Historical Romance of the Year and had Booklist name her historical romance ‘Forever and a Day’ one of the TOP 10 Romances of the year. When she isn’t writing, she’s digging through inappropriate research books that include anything in history having to do with courtesans, brothels, sexual contraptions that were never properly used and other fascinating forms of dirty history that never made it into college textbooks. You can visit her at her website at www.DelilahMarvelle.com

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Night of Pleasure (final) @ 2700 high resAbout NIGHT OF PLEASURE: An arranged marriage is daunting, but not as daunting as seducing a spouse whose passions you do not understand… Derek Charles Holbrook, Viscount Banfield, knew his fate since he was seventeen when his father announced his union to the beautiful but mysterious American girl by the name of Miss Grey. To protect the troubled estate, Derek submits to his father’s wishes, not realizing he’s about to entangle himself in a hell of a lot more than marriage. Miss Clementine Henrietta Grey may be worth millions, but not a single coin has ever bought her a smidge of happiness. When she marries the charasmatic and dashing Viscount Banfield, whose only strife in life appears to be the uneven seams in his coat, she finds that siring the heir he wants requires far more than her heart is prepared to give. Unable to seduce his overly-serious and reluctant wife, Derek realizes his dreams of creating a loving family has turned into a nightmare. But with the unexpected assistance of a retired courtesan and her outrageous school, Derek and Clementine discover that passion is a language spoken not just from the body, but from the mind, heart and soul.


My Thoughts:

I typically don’t fall for the hero in the first chapter but I totally fell for Dereck in chapter one. The moment he brought out his tin full of ginger drops, I was hooked. He truly is a sweetheart from the first pages to the last pages. Don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect but he is the guy you want your daughter to fall in love with and marry. Truly a prince charming. Now, I know what you’re thinking, easy, typical prince charming the heroine is so damaged that he fixes her and they live happily ever after. Well, eh, no, not exactly. Do they have a happily ever after? It’s a Delilah Mavelle book, what do you think? BUT like Ms. Marvelle’s books she has some very entertaining twist and turns that I will not elaborate about but they will make you enjoy the book even more.

The heroine, Clementine is a girl I can identify with on so many levels. How can you not like when an American crosses the Atlantic with  her own opinions about life? She really gives Derek a run for his money but when we see the layers come off Celmentine you’ll want to hug the girl. She is very strong but even the strongest woman needs a hug. I love that Ms. Marvelle changes the rolls a bit in this story. The heroine is a bit standoffish and the hero is all about love and devotion. It’s a good twist and I enjoyed it. This book is a book you won’t want to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the end.


-Romance Reader Girl

Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend (Jewels of the Ton, #3) by Shana Galen

Today is the release day for Shana Galen’s Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend from the Jewels of the Ton series.

Offical Blurb: Lily Dawson, dubbed the Countess of Charm by the Prince Regent himself, plays the role of the courtesan flawlessly while her real purpose is spying in the service of the Crown. Her mission now is to seduce a duke to test his true loyalties. She’ll do it, even though the man she really wants is Andrew Booth-Payne, Earl of Darlington—the duke’s son.

Andrew is furious when he finds himself rivaling his father for Lily’s attention. When he uncovers Lily’s mission, Andrew is faced with impossible choices. It seems he is destined to betray either his family, his country, or the longings of his own heart…

17563237My Thoughts: This story is truly about perceptions and reading between the lines, do not always believe what you hear or see. Not everything is as it seems. This book has it all; action, suspense, romance, steamy scenes, sexual tension, humor, sadness and mystery.

I really enjoyed Lily’s brave nature. She is a woman that doesn’t let action pass her by, she gets right into the middle of it. She is fierce and takes control. Lily’s backstory is heart-breaking but I admire her determination and strength to do better and help anyway she can. She is my kind of heroine.

Andrew, Lord Darlington (love that name) is a great hero. I love when he truly sees Lily for who she really is and not what the world thinks she is. It’s the best a-ha moment I’ve read in a while and he is in awe of her. Andrew has many secrets that you learn throughout the story and they are interesting. He may be “the Darling of the Ton” but he truly is a serious trustworthy man.

This was a great story to end the series. I enjoyed the mystery that was unfolding during the book. Ms. Galen provides another great historical romance! I recommend this book and series for anyone who enjoys a great suspenseful historical romance.

*Received an advance copy from Netgalley for an honest review. 

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Review: Secrets of a Viscount (Gentlemen of Honor #1) by Rose Gordon

Official Blurb: One summer night, Sebastian Gentry, Lord Belgrave hauled the wrong young lady to Gretna Green. When her identity is exposed, the only obvious solution is to get an annulment. Only, just like his elopement plans, things didn’t go as planned and while she has reason to believe they are no longer married, he knows better. Wanting to make things right for her, he offers to help her find a husband—what neither counts on is it just might be the one she’s still secretly married to.

19508224My Thoughts: Look at the cover-Gorgeous! 🙂  Isabelle (Belle) is a second daughter with no prospects so when her neighbor, Sebastian (Lord Belgrave) sneaks into her room asking is she ready to leave. She doesn’t think twice and sneaks out the window into the night to marry the handsome young man she has always liked. So what if he thinks it’s her older sister, Rachel sneaking off to elope. When Sebastian realizes the woman he married is not Rachel, but her annoying younger sister, Belle, he isn’t exactly happy and begins the process to have the marriage annulled. After a bad accident Bell is left alone with a tarnished reputation. Five years has past, and Sebastian has been abroad and Belle has been a lady’s companion looking for a husband. Oh, yeah, you read the correctly she is looking for a husband because she thinks she is not married. But when Sebastian shows up after five years and offers his help to find her husband she may find that the husband she wants is the one in front of her. Oh, yes, you read that correctly he comes back to find her a husband. I’ve read quite a few books from Ms. Gordan, and one thing I find she excels in is having a great cast of characters in her stories. I always find them as intriguing as the hero and heroine. She does not disappoint. Giles and Simon are wonderful secondary characters and are great scene stealers. I hope they have their own stories. Welcome back to Regency, Ms. Gordon! I look forward to more books in this series.

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Review: When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries

Official Blurb: Victor Cale never imagined that his sweet, shy bride, Isabella, would use her talents for creating exquisite imitation jewels criminally. But there’s no denying that her handiwork was used in the theft of the Dutch royal diamonds– right after Isa disappeared into the night.

Ten years later, Victor is sent to Edinburgh to investigate a wealthy baron’s mysterious bride-to-be… who turns out to be Isa, masquerading as an alluring widow. No longer the meek girl he once knew, Isa boldly asserts that it was Victor who abandoned her, after he helped steal the royal diamonds!

Piecing together the truth of the past reawakens their volatile passions, which burns hotter than ever. But with a decade of secrets between them, Victor and Isa must trust each other to bring the real thieves to justice– without getting burned themselves.

18144046My Thoughts: I am a big Sabrina Jeffries fan. I have read ALL of her books and not only have I read them I have a good dozen or so on audio. I loved the plot of this story. Isabella (Isa) and Victor Cale were a young married couple torn apart by Isa’s greedy sister and brother-in-law. The lies her family tell her about Victor makes her strong to flee to Scotland when she finds out she is pregnant. While Isa is starting a new life in Scotland raising a baby, Victor stays behind and believes his wife used him to help her family steal. Ten years has passed and Victor finds himself in Scotland on behalf of Manton’s Investigations (The Dukes Men). He see’s Isa known to everyone as Mrs. Franke and he wants answers. Isa see’s Victor and she wants her own answers of why he never came for her. The story unfolds there and it is a courtship of reacquainting themselves with one another and realizing that their love is strong and it can only be broken if they doubt it. However, when the long lost relatives reappear things become dicey, especially when Isa and Victor’s daughter, Amelie is involved. Again, I love the plot of this story. There is a lot of action and the supporting cast is wonderful. Mary Grace and Rupert are scene stealers. I do hope to see them in the other books in this series.

As much as I loved the plot I did not feel the emotion in this story like I thought I would. I was expecting some heartrending scenes and I didn’t get them. I feel there could have been a bit more romance and emotion and it wasn’t there. It fell a bit flat for me. Since, I don’t want to give away too much I am going stop there.

I do recommend this book it was still a good read and I did enjoy the plot and characters.

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Review: Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride by Christi Caldwell

Official Blurb: Hopeless romantic, Lady Emmaline Fitzhugh, is tired of sitting with the wallflowers, waiting for her betrothed to come to his senses and marry her. When Emmaline reads one too many reports of his scandalous liaisons in the gossip rags, she takes matters into her own hands.

War-torn veteran, Lord Drake devotes himself to forgetting his days on the Peninsula through an endless round of meaningless associations. He no longer wants to feel anything, but Lady Emmaline is making it hard to maintain a state of numbness. With her zest for life, she awakens his passion and desire for love.

The one woman Drake has spent the better part of his life avoiding is now the only woman he needs, but he is no longer a man worthy of his Emmaline. It is up to her to show him the healing power of love.

20436863My Thoughts: My first initial thoughts after I finished were; Enthralled, Entranced, Completely Overwhelmed (happily). I loved this story. I read it within 24 hours of starting. I devoured this book like a little kid eating Halloween candy after trick or treating.

This book is about a young woman who has been betrothed to her guy for 15 years and she takes step to bring him up to scratch. From the first page you are brought into Emmaline’s world and she is no meek and mild miss. This young lady is a force of nature and when she wants something she makes a plan and goes for it. I would say she has gumption! Emmaline is the daughter of a duke, now sister to a duke and engaged to marquess who will one day be a duke. You can see the theme here, she is surrounded by dukes. However, she does not let her ducal life get in the way of what she wants. She comes up with a plan of her own to snatch her prince charming, Lord Drake. What she doesn’t know is how the road to snatching him will change her life.

Lord Drake is a hero, well, everyone in England sees him as one but he cannot even make it through a 24 hour period without the scary memories of war. He is everything a dark man harboring painful secrets would be. Of course, to the outside world he is mysterious rogue that no one can tame but not a solider emotionally wounded from the scenes of the battlefield. Talk about breaking your heart! When Emmaline starts to put herself in the same place’s as Drake he will learn that maybe this fierce, intelligent, kind-hearted woman will be his salvation but will his realization be too late? I’m just sayin’ maybe he should have put a ring on it. <—- You know you all were thinking it too! 🙂

Ms. Caldwell writes beautifully and has a flow for description like a master poet. “Kensington Garden never ceased to stun her with its vital beauty. With the pale pink of the spotted orchid, the effervescent hue of the violet bluebells interspersed with the lilac-white of the cuckoo-flower; it was like its own kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty.”  It was a fun emotional love story that has you giggling in one chapter and your heart weeping in the next. Watch out for Emmaline’s bff Sophie, as she is a scene stealer (I read she is getting her own book!!). There are many wonderful things happening in this book that will keep you hooked. I loved every bit of it. This was simply a great read and I would recommend it for anyone that enjoys a romance with laughter and heartbreaking moments and a happy ending.

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