Review: Never Deny Your Heart by Maureen Driscoll (Kellington #5)

Sometimes you read a book and you just fall in love with the characters and the secondary characters. Then you realize it’s a series and you devour them all as fast as you can, but then you realize the author has not finished the series and you’re left waiting for the last book. So…you…wait…and wait… The wait is finally over! Below is my review for Maureen Driscoll’s Never Deny Your Heart (Kellington #5).


Rosalind Carson is a woman who has stood in the background blending for far too long. She is a smart woman who has a big heart and wants good things for her friends. Sadly, her family sees her as a means to an end. Her brother, a viscount doesn’t see Rosalind for the lovely, charming woman she is, but for the money she will bring into the retainers when she marries a nobleman five decades her senior.

William (Liam) Kellingtion, Duke of Lynwood is a man that walks into a room and all eyes are in him. Part of his charm is that he loves his family fiercely and will do anything to protect them.

Liam and Rosalind’s connection begins at the beginning of Kellington series. Between shy glances and secret conversations, their love blooms slowly. In each book we see just a little more of thier love unfold, as Rosalind is a close family friend to Liam’s sister Lizzie. Rosalind has loved Liam since she was a girl of 12. Liam doesn’t really acknowledge or discover his feelings until Rosalind is about to be married off to a man 50 years her senior. However, Rosalind has a different plan for her future that may or may not include Liam. Will Liam wake up and fight for what he wants or will he just let the one thing his heart truly desires go? 

I was so excited when this book came out I ignored my husband to read it!  This is a series you will want to start from the beginning to understand the connection between all the characters. Liam and Rosalind story is not smooth sailing and there are a few twist that you won’t see coming, which adds to the steamy factor. I have a special place for books that involve families with a strong connection and this series has it. We see all the Kellingtons together in this book helping Liam see that being is love is worth the risks. Rosalind breaks out and decides what is best for her and her life. It was a great story and series. I know, I will read it again.

You can purchase Never Deny Your Heart and other books by Maureen Driscoll on Amazon.

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-Romance Reader Girl


4 thoughts on “Review: Never Deny Your Heart by Maureen Driscoll (Kellington #5)

  1. I’ve only read the first book in the series, Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid but I really enjoyed it. I was definitely intrigued by Liam but I need to read the rest of the series first. I already have Lizzie’s book, Never Miss a Chance on my Kindle.

  2. Are you holding out on me? I have never heard of this author or series!! Sounds great-you know how i love my dukes

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