Why not read this type of romance?

Why not? Is the topic for today. Friend/Blogger/Writer, Nancy over at Rakes, Rogues and Romance got me hooked on reading m/m romances. I thought I would never be into that kind of romance book, but then I really started thinking about why I like them and it hit me like a ton of bricks- The male characters are similar to the men in historicals that I read and love. Now hear me out… The men in historicals are more feminine for a lack of a better word than the men of today. They are all about being gallant and romantic (in the books I read). It’s ok to dance, write poetry, dress in bright colors and fight for the women they have affections for. This is the reason why so many of us read historical romance. The men in m/m romances are not that different from the historical men we love to read about. Their love stories are just as romantic and gallant as the historicals and that is why I have fallen in love with reading them.

I have spent the last couple of weeks finding new authors that write m/m romance and with the help of Nancy, I was able to read a few books that just knocked my socks off. These stories are hot erotic romances. I don’t always read the sex scenes but the romance is spectacular. I encourage you to try this type of romance becuase you are missing out on something so amazing.

17798649TRY (Temptation #1) by Ella Frank: I have read Ms. Franks contemporary romances and have reviewed them. I really enjoyed them but holy hotness TRY was one steamy romance. Logan and Tate are spectacular and I was blown away by the romance these two have for one another. Logan has his own demons that plague his relationships but what he finds in Tate is the courage to overcome them. No question about  Logan is all things a rouge and rake could ever be. I loved this book! Purchase TRY on AMAZON and B&N. Connect with Ella Frank via her website, Facebook and Twitter.

18513700Double Full (A Nice Guy Novel #1) by Kindle Alexander: Sometimes years and distance can’t extinguish a love that is so right but fear can stop you from acting on it. Colt and Jace are two young men that found a strong love and connection in college but when a controlling father steps in they are separated for ten years never knowing what could have been. After ten long years of thinking “what if” they get a second chance but it won’t be easy but when love is strong it can withstand anything. I loved this book and author. I am reading her backlist because of how awesome it is. The romance between Colt and Jace is sweet and pure. Their love story made my heart smile. Purchase DOUBLE FULL on AMAZON and B&N. Connect with Kindle Alexander via her website, Facebook and Twitter.

Again, I ask, why not read this type of romance? These books are phenomenal when looking at the characters, plot and romance. I look forward to reading more from these authors and more m/m romances. I want to thank them for opening my mind and heart to a new type of romance that I thought I would not understand but I was happily proved wrong.

A big thank you to Nancy for encouraging me to read something new. 🙂

-Romance Reader Girl


15 thoughts on “Why not read this type of romance?

  1. I’ve just finished ‘Try’, and also ‘Stripped Bare’ by Susan Mac Nicol and thought they were both wonderful and HOT! Going to read some Kindle Alexander next. I love M/M romance so thanks ladies for bringing more titles to my attention! xx

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